It’s absolutely right that taking a bucket of water won’t affect the ocean. The statement is quite applicable when talking about Tom Cruise’s divorce settlement. The man, known to age like fine wine, has been one of the most celebrated celebrities of all time. 

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in a still from Top Gun: Maverick

However, fate plays some games once in a while in everyone’s life, and not even Top Gun stars can escape the matrix. Although Cruise really has an outstanding professional record, his personal life was a little jittery in the early 1990s. 

Tom Cruise Lost a Fortune in Divorce Settlement with Mimi Rogers

tom cruise and mimi rogers
Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers | Source: Wikimedia Commons

1990 was quite a double-edged sword for Tom Cruise‘s life. Although in the same year, he was named the Sexiest Man Alive, the year also brought problems in his married life. Before marrying Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman, Cruise was married to American actress Mimi Rogers. The couple got married in 1987 and just after 3 years, parted ways.

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The divorce was a big hit not only to Cruise’s emotional stability but also to his finances. Mimi Rogers reportedly got out of the marriage with a parting gift of a whopping $4 million (via Nicki Swift) from Cruise. The settlement amounts to almost $9 million in the present scenario. 

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Although the amount is definitely big, it is merely anything to Tom Cruise considering his net worth. As of April 2024, Cruise is estimated to have

a net worth of $600 (via Celebrity Net Worth). Compared to this sum, the divorce settlement was a mere ant’s bite to Tom Cruise. 

What Caused Tom Cruise’s Divorce from Mimi Rogers?

Mimi Rogers in Someone to Watch Over Me
Mimi Rogers in a still from Someone to Watch Over Me

Just after 3 years of their secret marriage in 1987, the couple decided to separate. Their love story met an abrupt end. There are a few theories behind the possible reasons that led to the unexpected divorce. 

The first reason that was circulating back then was that Cruise and Rogers were not a good match and hence their relationship would have never worked out in the long run. In fact, according to Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, in an interview with Talk magazine, Cruise was quoted saying something similar to this (via Today). 

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The second possibility brings forward the name of David Miscavige (via Vanity Fair). A former top-ranking Scientologist, in 2012, claimed that Miscavige was the reason that Cruise had to walk away from Rogers. 

Another possible reason behind the divorce came from Rogers herself. In one of her interviews with Playboy, Rogers jokingly said that Cruise wanted to become a monk and practice celibacy, and hence she had to break their relationship. 

However, immediately after the interview, she came forward to clarify (via Evening Standard) that her previous statement was a mere joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

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