Hollywood’s A-lister Tom Cruise is reportedly eager to delve into a new romantic relationship again with one of his co-stars after getting dumped by Russian socialite Elsina Khayrova.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise won’t end his quest to find love, as he’s reportedly dating actress Monica Barbaro, he previously worked with in Top Gun: Maverick. Not only is Cruise devoting his time to the actress, but he also helped her land a notable role in the highly anticipated biopic A Complete Unknown.

Tom Cruise Reportedly Helped Monica Barbaro Secure a Role in A Complete Unknown

It’s not uncommon for acclaimed stars to ride a roller coaster of love, especially Tom Cruise, who got dumped by ex-girlfriend Elsina Khayrova for rushing things between them. However, the actor seems to have moved on in no time as new reports suggest that Cruise has found a new ladylove. According to In Touch Weekly, the Mission Impossible star has initiated a romantic relationship with co-star Monica Barbaro.

Monica Barbaro and Tom Cruise
Monica Barbaro and Tom Cruise (Image via The Late Late Show With James-YouTube)

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Even more intriguing is that Tom Cruise played a crucial role in earning Barbaro the role of folk music artist Joan Baez in the upcoming biopic A Complete Unknown. The actress has secured a significant role, as she will be seen playing one of the love interests of Timothée Chalamet‘s titular Bob Dylan.

The outlet has also revealed that Tom Cruise finds the Top Gun: Maverick protégée Monica Barbaro beautiful and would love to explore their love relationship. Their source mentioned:

“Tom thinks she’s stunningly beautiful. He’d like to explore a relationship with her.”

Cruise and Barbaro will undeniably make a great pair if these claims are true, and this is what people close to the actor believe. According to the source:

“People around Tom believe they’re a great match. But he genuinely wants her to succeed.”

Tom Cruise and the director of A Complete Unknown share a great camaraderie, and that’s how Barbaro is claimed to have landed the role alongside Chalamet. However, the actress is determined to prove she’s “deserving” to play a prominent figure in the highly anticipated film.

Why Did Elsina Khayrova Terminate Her Relationship With Tom Cruise?

This will undoubtedly sound starting to Cruise’s fans, that their beloved and the industry’s most celebrated actor has been dumped by his ex-girlfriend. The actor has already been through three divorces, and he’s past 60, which might have made him propose to the Russian socialite.

Elsina Khayrova
Elsina Khayrova (Image via her Instagram)

Little did the Edge of Tomorrow star know that his marriage proposal would be too early for Elsina Khayrova and that it would lead him to face rejection. Multiple reports suggested that the major reason why the Russian socialite ended things with Cruise was his rushed proposal, which came a few months after their romantic relationship began.

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A report from The Sun claims that, for the actor, “their relationship simply ran its course”, and the former pair has no bad blood. However, Radar Online suggests that Tom Cruise was “fascinated” by Elsina Khayrova, and her refusal of the marriage proposal broke Cruise’s heart.

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