Tom Cruise has ruled the box office for over 30 years, and even at 60, it is unclear how long he will continue to reign. As one of Hollywood’s most charismatic celebrities, Tom Cruise is well known for his unique style. His breakthrough role in Risky Business in 1983 marked his arrival as a leading Hollywood man. He has achieved many triumphs over his three decades in Tinseltown, including Rain Man, Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Jerry Maguire, Magnolia, and Mission: Impossible series.

People's favorite Tom Cruise
People’s favorite Tom Cruise

On Monday, producer Jerry Bruckheimer sat down for an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he discussed his lengthy career and mostly praised Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp’s work. A stunning sequel to Top Gun was perhaps Jerry Bruckheimer’s most remarkable cinematic accomplishment in his career. During the interview, many of the producer’s answers are polite and economical, and he doesn’t seem as concerned about enthralling his audience as he used to be. At one point in the interview, the producer discussed how Tom Cruise became the hope of someone’s life to live to the fullest.

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Tom Cruise Is The Real Star Of People’s Life

The Hollywood reporter asked Jerry Bruckheimer about his faith in test screenings of his movies, where he started highlighting the result of test screenings for Top Gun: Maverick. While responding to the question, he recalled an incident where a young girl reached out to him and said that Tom Cruise saved her father’s life, stopped him from committing suicide, and gave him hope to live his life more.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Jerry Bruckheimer told THR,

“The test screenings on Maverick had a high score, but it wasn’t through the roof. The lower part of the score was the younger audience, while older people who saw the original were very enthusiastic. Then it came out and just started snowballing, and it hit from ages 8 to 80.”

Bruckheimer recalled,

“I was in Kentucky for a funeral, and this woman came up to me and said, ‘I work at this company, and we have a contest of who can see Top Gun most often. I’ve seen it 25.’”

He continued,

“And a young girl had come up to me and said, ‘My dad was suicidal and going to end his life. He saw Top Gun. It gave him hope.’ You captivate an audience, and you can change people’s lives.”

Clearly, the movie offered hope to the man for not being suicidal more, but Cruise’s acting, behavior towards his fans, and thankfulness made him the king of the people’s hearts.

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Tom Cruise’s Superhuman Charisma What Makes Him Unique

Tom Cruise is the ideal specimen who can remain dominant in any social situation without exerting effort. The specific behaviors that make the Top Gun star such a dominant force in society and the potential downside of being so charismatic make him such a powerful personality.

Tom Cruise's Special Message for his fans
Tom Cruise’s Special Message for his fans

In all his action movies, Cruise always does his stunts alone but under supervision, and he can only do this because he commands the physical space around him. The Superhuman Charisma he developed was all the result of his constant smile, his tendency to be so likable, how he engages people with his gaze, how he always shows his gratitude, and the intensity of his gaze keeps you on your toes.

A critical charismatic characteristic permeates Cruise’s actions through sub-communication and his lack of self-doubt, collectively building him into a different and unique person.

Tom Cruise is currently shooting Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Parts 1 and 2, and he shared a behind the scene video of the upcoming movie where he committed the most dangerous stunt of his life yet. Also, he shared a video from between shoots where he is seen jumping off the plane to thank fans for supporting Top Gun: Maverick.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter & Instagram

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