The Tomorrow War is a high octane. adrenaline fueled action thriller starring Chris Pratt in a lead role. Pratt plays Dan who is conscripted to fight in a war for the future of humanity when transported across time to a future Earth to fight alien predators from outer space. The movie has a lot of amazing action sequences. It has gone on to receive rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The movie hinges on time travel mechanics to explain how humanity fights a threat to the planet that has not even arrived yet. The movie’s ending shows Pratt’s Dan Forester traveling to Russia and seemingly destroying the alien ship carrying the White Spike payload. The future war is over. Or is it?

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This dark Tomorrow War fan theory states Dan never actually succeeded in avertin the war with the White Spikes. Whatever he did in the movie was actually supposed to happen. The future war is still going to happen no matter what Dan does. The White Spikes are bound to destroy all of humanity. Here’s how.

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The theory banks on the idea of PTSD that was vaguely hinted at in the movie. It explains how Dan suffers from PTSD after watching his daughter Muri die in the future right before traveling back to the present. Before dying, Future Muri says Dan abandoned his family after coming back. This could be because of the trauma of the events in the future timeline. A bleak and grim interpretation of events, this theory could very well lead to a dark conclusion in The Tomorrow War sequel, should it ever happen.

The Timeline Remains Unchanged

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In almost every time travel movie, one of two things happens when you try to change the past. Either an alternate timeline branches out or the timeline remains unaffected – revealing the actions to change the past were what led to the future timeline in the first place. The latter is the ‘Immutable Future’ theory which states changing the timeline is impossible because every action and event, be it the past, present or future, is predetermined. The Tomorrow war hints its following the alternate timeline logic. But in reality, according to the theory, it is following the ‘immutable Future’ logic.

Dan Leaves His Family In Tomorrow War 2

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Future Muri perfects a toxin that can kill the female White Spikes, thus stopping the aliens from reproducing and ultimately ending the war. She entrusts the toxin with Dan, who is tasked with mass producing it. Dan comes back to the present, watching his daughter die in the process. Given time travel is a relatively new technology, humanity is still too young to understand how time works and whether future events could indeed be changed by rewriting the past.

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Dan abandons his family, according to future Muri. The trauma of watching his daughter die is enough to push Pratt’s character over the edge. He becomes emotionally withdrawn and finally decides to part ways with his wife and daughter. This is what happened with Dan’s father after he returned from the Vie4tnam war. PTSD tears apart families. Dan hated his father for it and Muri will hate Dan for it. History has a weird way of repeating itself.

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The theory also states Dan never managed to kill all the White Spikes. Since the alien ship‘s hull was compromised, it is possible many of the white Spikes had already escaped their cocoons and were frozen in the permafrost glaciers out in the open. The ship may be destroyed but the White Spikes could be still out there in the open, frozen in time. Dan ‘thinks’ he killed the last White Spike female. There’s still a possibility a White Spike female resurfaces out of the ice in Tomorrow War 2.


Everything that you saw in The Tomorrow war was supposed to happen. Dan Forester did not save humanity. He was merely an instrument. Everything is going according to plan. Humanity is doomed.

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