The Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise and the Predator race have been fighting since so many times and that to across so many different forms of media, and it is extremely loved and so famous as “ Alien vs Predator”.
However their very first clash happened in Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens Vs Predator.
It has different way of showing in every way but still there are some key points which are same.

The Xenomorph made its debut by appearing in 1979’ Alien which was directed by Ridley Scott and on the other hand Predator first appeared in John McTiernan’s Predator from 1987.
Both of these franchises were owned by 20th Century Fox at a certain point of time and that is the main reason they could create this crossover so conveniently.
The original Aliens vs. Predator story appeared in 1989 and it was loved so much by the fans that it became a massive hit and was published in the Dark Horse Presents.
It is written over three issues out of which only the third it was brought the properties together and the “short” story was then used as a prequel chapter and runs to a 5 issue Aliens vs. Predator limited series which demonstrates the monstrous extraterrestrial races which blows our minds.
After that, many Aliens vs Predator books appeared all over these years and were all published by Dark Horse Comics.
And this idea appealed the Hollywood so much that a Xenomorph skull was briefly seen in Predator 2 and in 2004 and after years of development, the very first Alien vs Predator film appeared.
It was not exactly a hit but it did just well enough to get a sequel which became a cult favorite for many fans.

The story starts with a Predator ship distributing Xenomorph eggs on a distant world; and their plan is to let the Xenomorphs reach maturity and then return to hunt for them as a sport.
(What even?)
A Predator called Top – Knot carries out a Xenomorph hunt somewhere else, another part soon arrives in a seeded planet to start the hunt but while doing it they forgot one very important detail aka the Humans,
When the Predators had scouted the planet last time, humans were not living there and as a result they served as a wildcard element to the Xenomorph vs Predator clash.

The humans sort to have an effect on Xenomorphs which further risk to quickly grow out of control, but also provide the tools and assistance for the fight to end in favor of the Predator

Aliens vs Predator 1 Alien Xenomorph.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=421&dpr=1

So what did humans change in this fight?
The humans had all kind of technology to kill off these Xenomorphs but sadly had no defenses against the Predators.
There are many scenes in the in the initial miniseries of the humans killing the Xenomorphs but can’t achieve any success against the Predators.

The humans do manage to take a Predator captive however Broken Tusk (Predator) ultimately helps the humans by turning on its people when it realizes that innocent deaths are on their hands.
The Xenomorphs put an impressive fight but the one between the Predators and humans, they are defeated thanks to the sacrifice of the human colony of Prosperity Wells.

An entire colony of Xenomorphs, including an Alien Queen end up taking shelter on the spaceship Lector due to an human error but are wiped out by the human (Machiko)
The surviving humans are granted a safe passage to another planet while Moguchi stays behind to fight the next Predators.

Aliens vs Predator comic alien

It is made very clear in the first Dark Horse Comics story that the Predators are the obvious victors whenever the two species clash but the Predator and human alliance is able to fend off the Xenomorph infestation, with heavy casualties.

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