The internet has been on fire ever since the photograph of one of the controversial figures Andrew Tate, the Top G has been going around, showing him in the jail cell. Last year in December, Tate and his brother were arrested by the Romanian police on charges of human trafficking and ra*e. A picture of Tate from his time in jail has recently gone viral making the Top G gang go crazy.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

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Andrew Tate’s Jail Pic has gone viral

Andrew Tate, the former kickboxing world champion turned social media influencer, has once again made his way through the headlines. Over the last few years, Tate’s outspoken view on various subjects has helped him attract a huge number of followers from all across the globe. However, his recent viral picture has sparked a huge curiosity among his followers.

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The image which has been going around on the internet appears to be taken at the time when Andrew Tate was in judicial custody of the Romanian police. In this photo, Tate seems to be lying on the bed as he reads something (from what it looks like). Even though there is no confirmation about when and how the picture came out, its presence alone has caused a stir across the internet.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

While some social media users and fans of Tate are amazed by the photo, some, on the other hand, speculate on its sources.

Charges and Background: Andrew Tate, the Top G

Last year in December, Andrew Tate, who is well known for his controversial online persona and viewpoints, was arrested in Bucharest on the charges of human trafficking and ra*e. Along with Tate, his brother, and two of his female employees were also arrested and were put in police custody until March, after which they were placed under house arrest. While Andrew Tate faces the charges of ra*e, his brother Tristan Tate is accused of inciting others to violence.

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Tate brothers
Tate brothers

The Romanian authorities have asserted that both brothers used to lure their victims by manipulating them into thinking that they were interested in a genuine relationship or marriage. It has also been stated that by doing so, both brothers used to exert their control over the victims and exploited them. However, both Andrew Tate and his brother have denied all of these allegations saying none of them are true in any way true.

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