Not only in movies, but Marvel heroes are also prevalent in the world of video games. Recently it has been announced that the upcoming Marvel Avengers game is coming up with its new Hero, the Hawkeye.

The arrival of this super marksman gives us a clue that Marvel may come up with other new Superheros. Due to the growing clamor for superheroes on the virtual screen, there is a surge for new locations too. With the confirmation of new sites, including New York, there are still many places which the gamers desire and want to see in the near future.

Let us look at the top ten locations which need to be looked after by Marvel’s gaming franchise.


One of the most appealing kingdom in  MCU is Asgard. The small planetary body belongs to the race Asgardinas serving the deities of Norse mythology. It would be quite interesting to see how the game designers plot the outline of the Asgard. Considering its relation with the mighty Thor, we may see him starring as the lead Hero. If this location is going to step its foot in the gaming version, In that case, it could be an excellent chance to introduce other characters such as Odin, Frigga, Heimdall.


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After the Solo movie, the prince of Wakanda, the black panther, gained immense popularity and fame.

It can feature Erik Killmonger or A.I.M. as its lead villain. The site can be a perfect combination of technological advancements and impenetrable Jungle with flush nature.



Attilan is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. The people in this place address themselves as Inhumans. Though the Royal family governs the area, we may see captain Marvel footprints in the game version as the lead Hero along with her friends fighting the foes.



Oscorp or popularly known as Oscorp industries, is a multi-billionaire company founded by Norman Osborn. It can be treated as a technologically advanced place, where they can team up against something big. We all know that when the area is Oscorp, the only superhero we can expect is Spiderman.

Oscorp Tower

6.The Sanctum Sanctorum

Sanctum Sanctorum
Sanctum Sanctorum 177A Bleecker street. Greenwich Village

It is located in Bleecker street of New York City. This is one of the three bases of Mater of Mystic Arts ( other two are London Sanctorum and Hong Kong Sanctorum) guarded by Doctor Strange and Wong.

It can be a perfect place for the magical part in a game where Doctor strange can be seen fighting against the Dormammu with the help of his cloak of levitation and Dark Scepter.

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5.Avengers Mansion

avengers mansion
The Avengers H.Q.

The location which has the highest possibility to made out of this list is the Avengers Mansion, the headquarters of the superheroes. The plot game might involve good training sessions of various Avengers, including their action scenes. Some parts of the game can also focus on the strategic gameplay.

4.The Savage Land

Savage Land
Savage Land

Unlike any other location involving significant Buildings and massive edifices, It is an open area. It takes us to the Primeval period involving dinosaurs and creatures that are extinct today. To pass from one level to another, the player needs to tackle all the dangerous figures. Kar-Zar and spider-man can be seen in the gameplay.


Kun Lun

It is a series of mountains in the Himalayas. This beautiful place is home of the superhero, Ironfist. It is famous for its strict guidelines and rigid cultural values. However, the city is full of mysteries and secrets, which can result in threats and danger.

2.Stark Tower

Stark Tower
Stark Tower

Here it comes, everyone’s favorite the stark Tower. The structure itself gives a very Nostalgic view for the Iron Man and the MCU fans. Though we have seen many other Iron-man laboratories where he conducts his experiments, no other place can match the stark Tower. Until now, we have seen many Iron man games and will also see several other games in the near future.

Stark Tower could be an exciting place involving challenges and thrill, making it a perfect gameplay location.

1.Xavier School of gifted youngsters

X Mansion
Xavier School of gifted youngsters

Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters or popularly known as the X-mansion is the place for the mutants who were abandoned by the world. With the Collaboration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Disney, we will see various characters from both the franchises in a single movie; it increases the chances of this location to get into the console world.

We will see professor – X dealing and training with the mutant students and training them to tackle the situation. The gameplay might involve several characters, including the Logan and Jean Grey going through rigid training sessions for the fight against magneto.

Each and every Location is equally exciting and compelling. For the time being, we can wait for further updates from the MCU gaming franchise.

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