Travis Barker, the famous drummer of Blink-182, has been an integral part of the band, contributing to their timeless hits like All The Small Things and What’s My Age Again? But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the drummer as Barker’s journey with the band took a dramatic turn when he joined as the replacement drummer after the original member was asked to leave. While his recent marriage to Kourtney Kardashian has been in the spotlight, it’s crucial that we delve into a tragic moment in Barker’s life. In 2008, he survived a devastating plane crash that resulted in the loss of several lives, leaving him and one other passenger as the only survivors. This horrific experience left Barker traumatized for years, leading to a deep fear of flying that prevented him from boarding an airplane for over a decade. Despite the demands of his career and the need to travel for various engagements, the haunting memory of the plane crash kept Barker grounded.

Travis Barker
Travis Barker

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Travis Barker’s near-fatal 2008 Plane Accident

According to a report from the British newspaper ‘The Mirror,’ the harrowing incident involving Travis Barker, the renowned drummer of Blink-182, unfolded on September 19, 2008. Barker was aboard a private Learjet bound for Los Angeles, but tragically, the journey came to a devastating halt. The aircraft encountered a catastrophic tire failure during takeoff, setting off a chain of events that would forever alter lives.

The plane skid off the runway, crashed into a fence, and erupted into a ball of flames. This heart-wrenching accident claimed the lives of three cherished individuals close to Barker, leaving him grappling with unimaginable grief. Moreover, he suffered extensive burns, covering a staggering 65 percent of his body.

The horrific 2008 plane crash involving Travis Barker
The horrific 2008 plane crash involving Travis Barker

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Miraculously, Barker, alongside Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein, who was also on board, managed to escape the wreckage. However, Barker’s body was drenched in fuel that instantaneously ignited upon impact. Bravely, he resorted to the instinctive “stop, drop, and roll” technique, sliding down the wing in a desperate bid for safety while extinguishing the flames that threatened his very existence. The severity of his burns nearly resulted in the loss of his foot, highlighting the tremendous challenges he faced on his path to recovery.

Travis Barker Sustained A Long Lasting Trauma Following His Plane Crash

The aftermath of the accident brought forth a haunting experience for the musician, prolonging the horrors beyond that fateful day.

“I couldn’t shake the thought that everyone, including my closest friends and the two pilots, was confined to hospital rooms,” the musician recounted. “Gradually, my mind unraveled, plunging me into a state of profound distress and instability. I lost touch with reality, and thoughts of self-destruction consumed me.To cope with the trauma, I underwent extensive post-traumatic therapy during my hospital stay. With time, some semblance of healing began to take place. The scars left by the ordeal, both physical and emotional, slowly faded away.”

Travis Barker remained traumatised for 13 years following the plane crash
Travis Barker remained traumatised for 13 years following the plane crash

Reflecting on the disastrous incident, the musician admitted, “Prior to the accident, I had indulged in excessive drug use and consumed an array of pills. As a result, there were instances where I would wake up during the surgeries. The disconcerting sensation of being conscious while doctors operated on me became a recurring nightmare.”

“In around eleven of the thirty surgeries at the burn center, I regained consciousness, swaying on the brink of awareness alongside the medical team. It drove me to the edge as they cut into my flesh. I struggled to comprehend the situation, yet the magnitude of my self-medication and substance abuse had rendered standard anesthetic doses ineffective. I found myself surfacing amidst the depths of anesthesia.”

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How Travis Barker Is Doing Now?

After enduring the traumatizing accident in 2008, Travis Barker abstained from taking flight for a staggering thirteen-year period.


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However, a turning point arrived in 2021 when he shared a heartfelt photograph featuring himself and Kourtney Kardashian, positioned in front of an aircraft.

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