It can be exhausting for writers to come up with new and unique ideas for storylines. Every year, we are served plenty of TV shows to entertain us. However, it has started to feel like most of them are repetitive. But, in the history of TV shows, there are a few storylines that are just way too terrible to have happened. We have no idea what the writers and makers were thinking before going ahead with such a storyline, but they anyway did. And now, we’re cringing on them! So, here are a few terrible storylines that shouldn’t have happened AT ALL. EVER. Yet they did, and here they are on the list. Check it out! Also, let us know in the comments which storyline by far has been the worst in your opinion.

1. Barney And Robin’s Wedding In “How I Met Your Mother

TV Show: How I Met Your Mother, Season 9
TV Show: How I Met Your Mother, Season 9

The makers wanted to show Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. The 2-3 days event was stretched to an entire season! They finally got married in the last episode of the season only to find out later that they eventually get divorced. What? They literally stretched the whole thing to 22 episodes only so they get divorced? Wow.

2. Where Did Nikki And Paulo Come In “Lost“?

Nikki and Paulo in Lost TV Show
Nikki and Paulo in Lost

In Lost, Season 3, we are introduced to Nikki and Paulo. Or were we? How did they land in the story? We were not given a proper introduction to the duo. They just came randomly! However, the duo did give one of the best episodes of the season.

3. Carrie And Berger In “Sex And The City

Carrie and Berger in Sex and the City TV Show
Carrie and Berger in Sex and the City

There are a lot of things we find good and bad about this TV show, but one storyline that was just a waste was of Carrie and Berger. They were a couple for some time and that’s something that seemed extremely fake. They lacked chemistry. We’re glad the dead relationship ended. However, the way it ended was iconic. Berger simply left a goodbye note in the middle of the night. Well, this shows how real of a couple they were and how foolish this storyline was.

4. The Aging Pills In “Oz

The aging pills experiment in Oz TV Show
The aging pills experiment in Oz

This TV show was unarguable amazing. It paved the way for great shows like The Wire and Game of Thrones. But, nothing is perfect. So is with Oz. Despite being a great show, it has a lot of loose ends. One of them is the storyline wherein the officials decide to experiment with aging pills. They wanted to do this with prisoners who had long punishments to serve. However, things didn’t go right. The storyline was abruptly dropped and never talked about!

5. Ben On “FRIENDS

Ben Geller on FRIENDS
Ben Geller on FRIENDS

Almost everyone feels that the show could’ve done fine without Ben. They could’ve incorporated Susan and Carol in different and more creative ways rather than introducing Ben to the storyline only to disappear him all of a sudden!

6. Pam And Jim In “The Office

Pam and Jim in The Office
Pam and Jim in The Office

Since the time this couple was introduced in the show, they served major #couplegoals. But why all this when the makers had decided to separate these soulmates in Season 9? Did they show them deeply in love and meant-for-each-other all the 9 seasons only to end them towards the end? What sense does this make?

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