A Golden Girls-themed Dungeons and Dragons-style RPG will be streamed live on Twich, next week. It will be to honor the great Betty White. All the profits will be going to charity. The famous actress passed away on December 31st, 2021. She was majorly known for her iconic role in The Golden Girls, a 1985 television show. Only a few weeks were remaining in the hundredth birthday.

Dungeons And Dragons
Dungeons And Dragons

What Is Dungeons And Dragons About?

Tabletop role playing genre has created the flexibility where there is no limit to the things a player can do. While getting imaginative he can also enjoy a game that is suited to their play style and interests. The main attraction of Dungeons and Dragons is the fantasy stories with fantastical characters, daring heroes and mythical beasts. It can be popularized within any group of players. This is, in part, why Dungeons and Dragons has remained so popular over the years, giving players lots of creative freedom only limited by their imaginations.

Initially stated by Polygon, PixelCircus will host The Golden Girls RPG. Some TTRPG players will join together on Twitch to stream it live. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will receive all the profits. The game master for four players: Saige Ryan, Mo Nuncio, Omar Najam, and Gina DeVivo will be Bee Zelda, of the TTRPG actual-play podcast The Broadswords. The stream will premiere on Betty White’s 100th birthday. It is on Monday, January 17th, 2022 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time on PixelCircus’ Twitch channel. While there isn’t a TTRPG exactly designed for The Golden Girls, the players will be using a game called Lewd Grannies created by Joel Salda. The RPG focuses on a group of elderly women celebrating a wedding by letting loose and diving into their various vices.

Betty White In The Golden Girls
Betty White In The Golden Girls

Betty White – The Golden Girls RPG

When you think of a tabletop RPG, Betty White may not be the first person your mind comes across. But this live stream is expected to house the same type of comedy for which she was famous. In this TTRPG, the challenges won’t be to slay a mind flayer at the bottom of a dungeon, they will be more like trying to steal an enormous slice of wedding cake or finding a young lover without getting caught and sent home by your younger relatives.

The live stream is a one for many event. It will be a good way to celebrate the works of an amazing woman. A charitable cause is also associated. And it marks that the term TTRPG doesn’t have to mean Dungeons & Dragons. With the rules being just one page long, the RPG could be the perfect way to entice new gamers to the genre, and could also be ideal in introducing new players to TTRPGs like D&D. It is nice to know that Betty White’s memory will continue to live on, inspiring others to be creative and comedic, no matter what the situation.

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