Jodie Foster the acclaimed actor in Hollywood who was praised a lot for her role in the movie Panic Room was never supposed to be part of the film. However, the twist of fate and whirlwind of last-minute changes found Foster as the lead role in this high-stakes thriller with almost no time to prepare.

Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster

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Jodie Foster’s Swift 7-Day Preparation for Panic Room

While the performance of Jodie Foster in the high-stakes thriller movie Panic Room was outstanding, the actor was never supposed to be part of the movie. As per the reports, it was Nicole Kidman who was signed for the movie and also 18 days into filming the thriller until she injured her knee on set.

Kidman had already injured her knee during the filming of Moulin Rouge! But this time Kidman suffered a hairline fracture and had to drop out of the movie as she wasn’t going to be able to walk for months.

Jodie Foster in Panic Room
Jodie Foster in Panic Room

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The studio had to recast quickly as back in 2001 everyone was anticipating a writer’s strike. Considering this situation almost every other A-listed star of Hollywood was already filming their movie before the Hollywood shut down. Luckily at the same time, Foster was available as the movie she was directing got canceled due to Russell Crowe suffering an injury.

The studio took its chance and hired Foster and even with only 7 days of preparation she nailed the role. The movie later became a big hit making over $200 million worldwide.

Jodie Foster Returns with True Detective: Night Country Season 4

Jodie Foster is all set to make her way on the silver screen with the highly anticipated True Detective: Night Country Season 4. The two-time Oscar winner Foster will now be playing the role of Detective Liz Danvers in the upcoming season of True Detective: Night Country.

Jodie Foster in True Detective Night Country Season 4
Jodie Foster in True Detective Night Country Season 4

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Foster will be the lead detective on the case of a missing person working alongside every other officer of her team. This time the story of the series is set in the Alaskan community which is all set to enter into a polar night period. With all the darkness around Detective Danvers would be investigating the mysterious disappearance of a small crew from a nearby research facility.

While the series was first said to release by the end of this year the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike has impacted its production. As per the reports, the series won’t return to HBO until January 2024.

Source: Buzz Feed, Screen Rant 

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