Don’t judge a book by its cover“. This saying fits so well here. People are not always what they preach to be or show on social media. They can differ quite a lot. Literally. This is the case majorly with celebs. They might seem to be very nice on social media or events, but according to a few people, they are just not in reality. Well, in some cases, fame makes a person forget reality. They tend to forget how they started. They forget they are nothing without their fans. Redditor u/PythonButSnake asked, “Who is a universally loved celeb who you don’t like?Redditors opened up about a few celebs who are universally loved but are not nice in reality. Some of the celebs can be your favorite on the list. But, hey! Don’t take it personally. So, here’s a list of universally loved celebs who are not nice in reality according to Redditors. Check it out!

1. Shaquille O’Neal

Celeb: Shaquille O'Neal
Shaquille O’Neal

The American former professional basketball player, famously known as “Shaq” must be regarded as one of the greatest basketball players and center of all time. But, looks like the player doesn’t like to wait and has anger issues. Redditor u/Brooksie019 shares his experience when he met Shaq at the store he was working in. The article Shaq wanted was out of stock, but the player was in no mood to take it and started freaking out. His bodyguard had to calm him down! The user was then afraid to ask for a photograph or autograph. Clearly, not a good experience.

2. Zac Efron

Celeb: Zac Efron celebs
Zac Efron

The actor must be the dream man of many girls. However, the experience Redditor u/samiam871 shares might change your opinion of him. During the shooting of one of his films, he was staying at a hotel where the user worked. She shares that he treated the staff like doormats and even made a housekeeper cry. To conclude, he was belittling the hotel stuff around him. Not a good trait Zac!

3. Maya Rudolph

Celeb :Maya Rudolph celebs
Maya Rudolph

Some of us might find Maya beautiful from the outside. But is she the same from the inside? Redditor u/ManyConclusion shares how Maya humiliated the teenager while at a jewelry store for not recognizing her immediately or gushing over her diamonds! Moreover, Maya also made sure the teen learned the lesson of how important diamonds are important than any other stones. Maya deliberately pulled down the user in front of the store. So, yeah. With this, we conclude that she might not be the same from the inside as she is from the outside.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey celebs
Jim Carrey

Well, this one’s a shock, to be honest. The actor-comedian surely knows how to make us laugh. But this information shared by Redditor u/GrammatonYHWH blows our mind. Before we were hit by the pandemic, the actor was promoting a childhood vaccine falsely claiming that it will cause autism. Some of you might think what’s wrong with it? How does this make him bad? Well, promoting something without researching about it and spreading false claims among billions of people can be dangerous and is irresponsible. Celebs shouldn’t just be promoting anything just for the money.

5. Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz celebs
Zoë Kravitz

We’ll soon be seeing her as the Catwoman alongside Robert Pattinson. While many of us are excited to see her on-screen. Somebody didn’t have a good experience seeing her off-screen. Redditor u/petra_orla shares that Kravitz visited the shop the user was working in. But was baffled by the way Kravitz presented herself. The user shares that Kravitz was behaving very elitist and pretentious. Well, we don’t know if it was her true self or just her mood that day, but it surely doesn’t sound good.

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