In an interesting movie turned – Tv news, Warrior writer and director Gavin O’Connor is all set to return to the world of UFC with a sequel Tv series.
The series is titled as Warriors and the filmmaker has revealed that the show is set to move away from the brotherly duo of the movie and focus on a new batch of fighters as well as dealing with social issues to affect the main characters.

In the show, the characters are going to get into Sparta and face each other to fight. The most important part of the show is not about the fight in the cage but the show is a drama about the fight outside of the cage.


“What are they fighting for? Fighting your way out of poverty, to save for your family – I want to deal with things that are going on in the world because I have a character that’s in Dublin, Ireland, in Mountjoy prison. There’s a Muslim girl who’s a fighter, who’s living in her Muslim conservative community outside of Paris. She’s a lesbian and a fighter, and in her community neither one of those are permitted. So you have a woman who’s in two closets almost, she’s got to find a way out of two closets. That’s kind of the idea. Do you follow the UFC?”

The series is still in early stages but Gavin O’Connor revealed that one part has been casted and retied with Daniel Cromier to step into the case. For those who do not know Daniel;  a MMA fighter and former UFC Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight Champion.

daniel cormier ufc

He is set to play Bibby Watkins who lives in Houston and is fighting his way of poverty for his family. Tom returns home ans asks his estranged father to train him for a mixed martial arts contest and the fight ends up more at stake than just the prize money as he is battling against his own brother.
The 2011’s Warrior starred Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte.

Warrior will be moving away from the Conlon brothers, O’Connor has assured the fans that the series will maintain the “spirit” of the critically acclaimed 2011 movie.

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