Asher Angel might have some competition as another actor is looking really focused on getting into the DCU. Jensen Ackles’ co-star is interested in playing the role of Nightwing. Born in Keokuk, American actor Drake Rodger has won the hearts of fans through his roles in The In Between and The Winchesters. 

Nightwing | Source: DC
Nightwing | Source: DC

Rodger’s recent obsession with a DCU character has been the topic of discussion lately. The actor is hoping to catch the DC Studios CEO James Gunn’s eye. However, Rodger isn’t the only one with the Nightwing interest. Another American actor too has his eyes on the same role and is a potential competitor for Rodger. 

Jensen Ackles’ Co-Star Is Trying to Reach Out to James Gunn for His Dream Role

Drake Rodger
Drake Rodger in The Winchesters | Source: The CW

American actor Drake Rodger became the focus of paparazzi after playing the role of Judd in the 2022 romantic movie, The In Between. He further gained recognition by playing the role of John Winchester in the drama series, The Winchesters. The actor is now planning to get into the superhero universe to fulfill his age-old wish. 

Drake Rodger has expressed his desire to play the role of Nightwing in the DCU. Nightwing is a superhero character that has always been associated with the planet Krypton. Although the character is yet to feature in any live-action movie, Rodger seems pretty optimistic about it. 

Rodger wants the character to be introduced as soon as possible and wants to play the role himself. In an interview (via Reddit), he said: 

My dream role is to play Nightwing… Fingers crossed that I at least have the opportunity to audition for it in James Gunn’s universe

Rodger has a consistent flicker inside his heart about the introduction of Nightwing by James Gunn and on getting the news of it, he surely is going to give his best for the same. 

Asher Angel Might Have Been the First One to Set His Eyes on the Nightwing Role 

Asher Angel in Shazam!
Asher Angel in Shazam! | Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Although Drake Rodger has shown immense desire for the role of Nightwing, he apparently is not the only one hoping to play the role. Shazam! actor Asher Angel also seems to be interested in the role and might be thinking about approaching DCU since the next Shazam movie has been scrapped after the failure of the sequel.

Earlier, Angel had also shown his concern about James Gunn integrating Shazam into DCU. As of now, the actor seems to have come up with the idea of trading his role of Billy Batson with Nightwing if his X post is anything to go by. 

Angel told ComicBookMovie that he always wanted to be a superhero since his childhood and it was a dream come true for him when he got a role in the genre. He seems interested in taking his childhood dream further by being introduced to the DCU as a new character. However, the ultimate decision is in the hands of Gunn’s plan to introduce Nightwing in the franchise. 

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