Amber Heard is definitely going through a rough patch ever since the verdict in the defamation suit, filed against her by Johnny Depp was issued. Apart from social media coming up in unison against the Aquaman star, she was also made liable to pay $10.35 million to her ex-husband Johnny Depp in damages. Johnny Depp had to pay her $2 million in damages, which still meant that the actress owed him $8.35 million. And her struggles to pay the amount have been well documented. But after long last, Heard has been offered a way out – albeit one she wouldn’t want to take.

Amber Heard reportedly offered a role in an X-rated adult movie

Amber Heard
Amber Heard reportedly offered a role in an adult movie

It has been among the hot favorite topic of discussion how will Amber Heard pay Johnny Depp his money back. Everyone has their own suggestions. A Saudi man ventured as far as to ask for her hand in marriage in return for the money. But all were turned down. At long last, Amber Heard has found another lifeline. But one can’t help but wonder whether or not she will take the offer.

As the report from Popcorned Planet goes, Amber Heard has been offered $10 million to star in an X-rated adult movie. The movie will be released by a rather unknown adult entertainment studio called Zen Models. And the offer, it must be noted, is rather magnanimous on the studio’s part.

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Zen Models ready to pay Amber Heard $10 million

Amber Heard
Amber Heard offered $10 million to act in X-rated adult movie

The communication from Zen Models was made by its President, Veronica Madjarian. In a letter addressed to Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, she said:

Dear Ms. Bredehoft:

My name is Veronica Madjarian, I am President of Zen Models Management Inc. Zen Models is an adult modelling agency and production company. We have been in contact with a group of adult film production companies that are interested in offering Ms. Heard a contract to perform in an adult entertainment video production. Our group is willing to pay Ms. Heard the sum of $8,000,000 to star in an adult entertainment production. Additional sums of $1,000,000 would be paid to Children’s Hospital and the ACLU, in her name. If she is interested in this offer, please contact me at the above email. The terms of her participation, location of production, and all the relevant details would obviously have to be worked out. Please let me know if Ms. Heard would consider this opportunity.

Very Truly yours,

Veronica Madjarian

The offer, if accepted, would alleviate Heard’s financial condition substantially. Zen Models’ offer of $8 million to Amber Heard, and additional payments of $1 million each to the Children’s Hospital and the ACLU will be a welcome change for her. But there are some questions to ponder over.

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How authentic is this offer (and Zen Models)?

Amber Heard
The real question is how authentic Zen Models is

Apart from Amber Heard’s reputation, nothing validates a $10 million offer being made to her to act in an adult movie. One can’t help but wonder how authentic the offer really is. And if the offer was made in earnest, we can be certain that it should have been made to her agent, not her legal representative.

The agency itself warrants a lot of scrutiny. Its URL,, doesn’t work. How will an agency which has no online presence make such a grand offer? Maybe it was all a PR stunt on their behalf. Who knows, except Zen Models that is.

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Source: Small Screen

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