Amber Heard’s reputation received a damaging blow during the trial. Due to her statements, the actress became the subject of thousands of memes and online posts. Moreover, one of the jurors said that Amber Heard was crying crocodile’s tears. All of this significantly impacted her career as well since fans don’t wish to see her in popular franchises such as Aquaman anymore. The majority of public opinion against her has left the actress desperate to repair the damage and gain the public’s sympathy.

Amber Heard spotted shopping at TJ Maxx

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

Recently, Amber was spotted shopping at a TJ Maxx, a low-cost shopping store, along with her sister by TMZ in Bridgehampton, New York. The presence of the actress at the store caused people to believe that Amber’s finances were dwindling. Amber ran away from the store as soon as she caught the cameras, leaving a basket full of clothes unattended. The actress owes Johnny Depp around $8.3 million, and her lawyer recently stated that she does not have the means to pay him.

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Amber Heard’s photos at TJ Maxx were staged

Amber Heard at TJ Maxx
Amber Heard at TJ Maxx

However, according to sources such as Radar, Amber’s photos at TJ Maxx were staged in order to get the public’s sympathy. The photos of the actress did not have the photographer’s name, suggesting that Amber’s sister took the picture. Moreover, the actress was spotted with her bodyguard and PR manager on her private jet just a week ago, and it is not possible that she lost all her money within a week. Amber likely wished to draw the audience’s attention to her finances to make them forget about the trial and its verdict, which declared Johnny Depp as the winner.

The Internet is done with Amber Heard’s lies

Amber Heard at her recent NBC interview
Amber Heard, at her recent NBC interview

The fans were unhappy with this stunt and expressed their discontent with it via Twitter.

Amber Heard’s staged stunt did more damage than good. The actress, who is already on the internet’s hate list, has further tarnished her reputation by trying to appear broke to the world in order to avoid paying Johnny Depp the owed money. Perhaps the next time, Amber should take some advice from her PR team and avoid doing fake stunts to gather sympathy.

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