Keanu Reeves Wanted to Quit 'The Matrix' Which Made Him Over $200 Million

By Anadya Narain


No one could imagine another actor in the role of Neo, the main protagonist of The Matrix, instead of Keanu Reeves. .  


However Keanu Reeves finally reveals he almost lost the lead role in The Matrix movie due to a secret that nearly cost him not only the role, but also his health. . 

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In an interview with podcast The Art of Action, Keanu Reeves disclosed his fight amid filming for The Matrix. The actor nearly refused to star in the movie after sustaining injuries in his previous movies and had to undergo surgery.

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Reeves said that he had just finished shooting some movies like 'Speed' or 'They Call Him Bodhi' that caused some neck injuries. 


The 58-year-old star kept his medical condition a secret. After his surgery, which required fusing two vertebrae and inserting a plate in his neck, he continued working. 


"I said yes to Matrix and four months into the training, but it was pretty bad so I went to a neck doctor and I also had spinal stenosis, my spine was being mutilated, basically," Reeves said. 


After that, Reeves had a meeting with the Wachowski sisters, who told him that he had to go to Hong Kong for martial arts training. Despite the difficulties, Reeves agreed to the opportunity.


In the end. The actor’s neck problem did not stop him from making more The Matrix films. Reeves reprised his role in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, followed by The Matrix Resurrections a decade later. 


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