Pictures of Dwayne Johnson with Hair before he decided to go Bald.

By Anadya Narain

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When Dwayne Johnson first entered into the scene, he sported a head full of hair. Here is a look at his previous hairstyles.


Before becoming a super famous actor, Dwayne was a pro wrestler and he also had a curly luscious hairdo.


Here is The Rock with short mid curly hair length during the early years of his career.


Next, Dwayne had a soft buzzcut with a short crop which suits more like bald signature look persona.


Dwayne Johnson sporting straight slick hair.


This picture of The Rock with hair went insanely viral and became an instant meme


However, since 2011 Dwayne Johnson is voluntarily bald and has never grown hair. If needed, he can use wigs to play a character with hair in the movies. 


The mystery of why The Rock went fully hairless has been solved. Johnson is not bald by genetic predisposition; he is bald by choice.  

getty images

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