Even the biggest Marvel fans miss these weird facts about Spiderman’s body. Some of them even he doesn’t recognize. Here is our list of 10 Weird Facts About Spiderman’s Body that you probably do not know. 

1. Extra Limbs

10 Weird Facts About Spiderman’s Body You Probably Did Not Know.
Spiderman with extra limbs

There was a time when Spiderman did look like a spider. In a classic Spidey tale written by Stan Lee, Spiderman took a serum trying to lose his powers; instead, it backfired and gave him 4 more hands!
Fortunately, he receives an antidote from Doctor Curt Connors, who later becomes the Lizard, which reverses the initial serum’s effects. 

2. Superhuman Healing

Spider-Man: Homecoming spins a web of fact and fantasy

Spiderman can recover from broken bones in a day or two and was also able to recover from being blinded in hours.
As compared to Marvel’s more famous healers, his powers are humbling; however, it is a superpower compared to a normal human, which helps him get back in action. 

3. Superbrain

10 Weird Facts About Spiderman’s Body You Probably Did Not Know.
Super Brain

Interestingly, Peter Parker had a superpower even before he was attacked by the Spider—his Super Brain. Peter is smarter than the average man; he is one of the smartest in the Marvel Universe. This is a superpower that will remain with him regardless of his powers, making him one of the most versatile heroes in MCU.

4. Superspeed

Spider-Man's Superpowers: Every Ability Peter Parker Has
His enhanced speed, In combination with Spidey sense, makes him an unstoppable force against most villains. The best example of his speed was from the Civil War when he fought a SWAT team. Witnesses said he was a blur. An many of them saw nothing before they were knocked out. 

5. Night vision 

Ultimate Spiderman vs Spectacular Venom - Battles - Comic Vine
It all started after Mordun seemingly killed Peter only to remerge in a cocoon as a monster. Peter eventually got the monster thing in control but was left with fully functioning night vision. He uses it immediately, saving the people who had been trapped under the rubble of a fallen building. 

6. Toxin resistance

Swarm [Marvel,Spiderman] | Marvel spiderman, Comic villains, Comic books art

Toxic resistance does not mean that he is fully immune; instead, it takes a larger dose to knock him out. The best example of this power is when he fought Swarm with his Army of Bees, which he used to pump Peter full of toxins. Peter was able to recover in a day, helping him bounce back. 

7. Body transformation

10 Weird Facts About Spiderman’s Body You Probably Did Not Know.
Spidermans body transformation

We see this transformation in the first Spiderman film with Tobey Maguire. We see Tobey shirtless before the bite looking frail and weak, an easy target for bullies. However, after the bite, we see Spiderman completely shredded and covered in muscles in the shirtless scene. 

8. Radar detection 

Spider-Man: 15 Things You Never Knew About His Spider-Sense | CBR

There are many powers that spider-sense gives Peter. One of them is the ability to detect radar frequencies. In early comics, Peter used Electronic Gizmos to do this, but he later discovered that Spidey sense could track the frequency within a specific range. 

9. Perfect equilibrium

10 Weird Facts About Spiderman’s Body You Probably Did Not Know.
Spiderman always has Perfect equilibrium

The perfect sense of balance compliments his body’s elastic nature, allowing him to dodge attacks that other heroes can not. This makes him look like Neo from the Matrix when dodging attacks making him an effective fighter. 

10. Enhanced senses

Spider-Man swings again: Marvel, Sony reach deal on next Tom Holland film | EW.comAll of Peter’s basic senses were enhanced by the spider bite, meaning everything from his sense of smell to his sense of sight is heightened compared to the normal human. At one point, he even gained the ability to feel the vibration on his web, making him much more like a real spider.

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