When it comes to misogyny, society has yet to improve a lot. Men like Andrew Tate who are supposed to be a part of a new more equal society, openly express their outdated idea about the roles of men and women. And now, Akon has also shocked his fans with the same outdated ideas on gender roles. Recently while guest appearing on The Joe Budden Podcast, he made shocking claims about men being more important figures as compared to women. And he also emphasized the roles of men and women in society. But this is not the first time the Right Now singer has discussed patriarchal roles. Last year he said things with the same undertone.

Akon’s Misogyny-Filled Remarks Shocks Fans


It is definitely not a nice experience for fans to see their favorites coming out with ridiculous claims. And this is what Akon‘s fans are going through at the moment. He recently appeared on The Joe Budden Podcast, where he jumped into the discussion of the roles of men and women. Most of what he said were completely outdated ideas about equality between the sexes. And therefore they mostly sounded misogynistic and sexist. The most shocking of all was when he compared men with gods. The singer said,

“As a woman, her role is to support the man. The men are the kings and the divine of this universe, a woman can never to compare to the man”

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Such ridiculous statements in 2023 will obviously not be digested easily by people. Especially emphasizing that women and men can never be equal. It might lead to his fans no longer being interested in his work.

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He Also Supports Polygamy for Men


Last December Akon sat for an interview on the Zeze Miller Show. There the singer expressed that he agreed with what Nick Cannon believed about having children with multiple women. Although for some, there is nothing inherently wrong with it however the practice of polygamy is a thing of the days past. And therefore the current generation might not agree completely with it.

The Lonely singer himself shares kids with multiple women and is a father to nine kids. And according to him, he agrees 1000 percent with Cannon saying,  “That’s how life is supposed to be”. In the same way as his recent take on roles of women and men, he said the same patriarchal stuff about the role of a father. All in all, many of his fans have been undoubtedly left shocked.

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Source: The Joe Budden Podcast

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