Turning a beloved video game into a hit TV show can definitely be a tough challenge. But sometimes, the key to success isn’t all about flashy special effects or big budgets. In the case of Fallout, instead of relying solely on CGI and high-tech wizardry, the director used a more down-to-earth approach.

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The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future in Los Angeles, within the world of Fallout. However, it is placed in a different time and followed an entirely new storyline. It allowed the creators to explore new characters, locations, and events within the Fallout universe without being tied down to the already established narratives of the games.

Jonathan Nolan’s Lesson Boosts Fallout to Huge Success

Jonathan Nolan and his brother Christopher have always believed in using practical effects in filmmaking. Instead of relying heavily on computer-generated imagery (CGI), they prefer to create real-world sets and effects. This hands-on approach can be seen in Nolan’s movies like Inception, where he built actual sets that actors could interact with.

Jonathan Nolan
Jonathan Nolan (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

This is the same approach the co-creator of Westworld followed in his Amazon Prime’s series, Fallout. In an interview with HeyUGuys, the director said:

“The way I grew up making film and television, I learned with my brother, coming up with my brother was where possible, if you can find it or build it, make it real. That always has an emotional impact on the audience, you know? 

Yes, we could do it with CG. We are never going to beat Bethesda in trying to make beautiful computer graphics. Our secret weapon was pack an overnight bag, get on a plane, fly down in Namibia, find somewhere beautiful, and then bring your cast and crew down there and try to give them that dose of reality.”

But it’s not just about making the project look good. Using practical effects often creates a more authentic experience for both the actors and the audience. When actors feel connected to the world and characters they’re playing, it helps them give more convincing performances.

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Plus, practical effects can often look more realistic than CGI, especially when it comes to elements like explosions, stunts, or detailed environments. This can make the movie feel more grounded, even if it’s set in a futuristic world.

Even Christopher Nolan is Committed to Authenticity through Practical Effects

Christopher Nolan during the CBS Morning interview
Christopher Nolan during the CBS Morning interview

Christopher Nolan has his own unique style in movies. He uses special techniques to make his films look and feel different. For example, he often uses elliptical editing and documentary-style lighting.

The 53-year-old often uses hand-held cameras and prefers filming in natural settings rather than in a studio. He even likes to use real locations. So, Nolan’s philosophy is pretty straightforward (via Studio Binder):  “if you can do it for real safely, do it for real. There’s no substitute.”

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