Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans went from rumored lovers to not-so-close friends anymore.

Romance is an integral part of the world of Hollywood, reel and real. A couple in love never fails to inspire, intrigue, and fascinate the general public. And if the couple breaks it off, people get too generous with the empathy they show. And the matter of budding romances is the most prone to rumors.

Even the stars of the alternate reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not exempt from such a thing. Marvel stars Chris Evan and Elizabeth Olsen were also rumored to be an item. But in an interview, Olsen revealed that despite sharing a close friendship with the Captain America star, she doesn’t even hang out with him anymore.

Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen’s Rumored Romance

Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen
Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans have worked together in five Marvel movies together. The actors had an amazing chemistry both on and off-screen. Not only did they look good together but their jokes and banter in interviews made them a fine couple. Fans shipped them. Naturally, there were rumors making rounds that the couple were romantically involved with one another.

Sadly, for the fans, scarletamerica or chrizzie probably never happened.

However, in an appearance on The Ellen Show, the Marvel stars had quite some fun with the rumors around their alleged relationship. When the host, Ellen DeGeneres asked the stars about their “love story” Olsen joked:

“Well, we’ve been dating for, like, secretly for the last 3 years.”

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Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans
Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans

Evans chimed in saying:

“I remember sending you a text saying, ‘Hey guess what, apparently we’re dating.”

The sarcastic play to the rumors about their private life; more or less, put an end to the rumors. However, the love for the pair never lessened in their fans’s hearts.

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Close Friends Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans Don’t Hangout Anymore

Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans
Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans

Even as Olsen and Evans were never romantically involved, they always shared a close friendship. They both have made this clear on multiple occasions. However, their friendship fell apart with time. In the infamous Lie Detector segment with Vanity Fair, the Scarlet Witch star revealed how their circumstances in life greatly favored their friendship, enabling them to spend much time together.

With time things changed and so did their friendship. As Olsen told Vanity Fair:

“We were [close friends]. We lived very close to each other, and during that time we’d hang out a lot. I still like him but I don’t, like, hang out with him anymore.”

Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen

When asked if the pair were BFFs, Olsen said:

“Never, no. But we were friends. I mean, we are friends…We’re friends but, like, we just don’t hang out anymore.”

Chris Evans is newly married to actress Alba Baptista and Elizabeth Olsen is happy with her husband Robbie Arnett of almost four years.

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Source: Vanity Fair and The Ellen Show

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