Appearing in grand success projects, Jennifer Love Hewitt became a household name early in her career. Appearing in infamous movies like Heartbreakers and I Know What You Did Last Summer, Hewitt became a well-appreciated actress alongside her co-star. Despite her success, the actress noticed how the media focused on her physique and personal life rather than her work. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Therefore, reflecting upon female empowerment, Jennifer Love Hewitt noticed the change in the behavior of men towards women over the years. Without shying away from the truth, Hewitt thus addressed the extremities of female empowerment that might be at blame.  

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Address Media Treatment

Being in the entertainment business for a long time, Jennifer Love Hewitt was initially introduced to the industry as a young actress. Exploring the entertainment sector with her talent and skills, Hewitt soon became a household name after her consecutive hit projects, Heartbreakers and I Know What You Did Last Summer. By the time she reached her late teens, Hewitt had already become a household name in Hollywood. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Hewitt addressed the media’s s*xism

However, despite her fame and reputation in the industry, Jennifer Love Hewitt often noticed how the media diverted the focus from her work to her personal life and body fitness. Feeling sorry for her younger self, who had to endure such atrocities, Hewitt appeared for an interview with ExtraTV, where she addressed the issue. “I really now, at 42, have started to look back at some of the things that I did as a kid in the business. Or the things that I was asked to do.” Hewitt mentioned. 

“I realize that a lot of sexuality was placed on me before I even knew what it was for myself. And we were in a time of these magazines that you were put on the front of, and crop-tops, and all those things,” Jennifer Love Hewitt shared. 

Realizing how the media treatment was solely based on her gender, Hewitt stated how it feels weird when pondered in retrospect. “At the time, I never felt weird. But looking back, I do think, ‘Why was I asked to do those things at that age?’” she mentioned. The actress recalled the unnecessary and unrelated questions she faced: “If I have a 40-minute interview, probably 25 minutes of it is going to be about my chest size or who I’m dating. Or what bikini I was wearing wherever”. 

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Jennifer Love Hewitt On Extremities Of Female Empowerment

Facing such atrocious treatment by the media, early on in her career, Jennifer Love Hewitt claimed to have a theory about female empowerment. Despite considering the necessity of empowering women to shield them from such s*xism in different sectors, Hewitt also blamed the theory for being the reason why men treat women differently. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt discussed female empowerment

Noticing changes in men in her relationships, Hewitt considered female empowerment solely responsible for it. Witnessing how men were shying away from asking her out on dates, leading her to make the first move, the 44-year-old believed it was all because of the extremities of female empowerment. Discussing her perspective with Blackfilm, the actress claimed, since most women are focused on being empowered, they “have allowed guys to think that we don’t want to be girls”. 

“I think guys are really nervous, and I think guys, honestly, maybe somehow in the female empowerment thing we’ve taken a little too far now” Jennifer Love Hewitt stated. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Hewitt believes female empowerment has gone too far

Stating clearly what she thinks of empowerment, Hewitt claimed, “There’s a difference between wanting to be respected and being a strong female”. She believes, despite being a strong and independent woman herself, she still very much wants “guys to open the door, wanting them to ask us out, still bringing flowers and stuff like that”. Discussing the out-of-control empowerment issue, Hewitt claimed men are now anxious to show chivalry, fearing they might insult a woman. 

However, despite her unconventional opinions on female empowerment, Jennifer Love Hewitt is quite proud of women’s progress and is optimistic about the boundless opportunities in the future. 

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Source: ExtraTV, Blackfilm

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