In an era when it’s almost difficult to survive without social media, the privacy of users has become a major cause of concern. With new social media platforms popping up every single day, users do not think once before giving access to their personal information to the applications. After Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook came under the scanner for data breach, social media users have become alert when it comes to privacy.


Recently, Reddit made headlines with a deal that is related to the selling of user content to an Artificial Intelligence company. Fans are curious and equally furious about the deal, which leads to the violation of their privacy.

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Fans React On Reddit’s $60 Million Deal On Selling User Content

According to the reputed media outlet Bloomberg, Reddit has signed a deal with an unnamed AI organization to train its models on the content from Reddit’s official site. Reportedly, the deal was finalized with a contract amount of $60 million per year. The move comes after Reddit is gradually moving towards the introduction of its initial public offering (IPO) in the global market, which can be announced by the next month. Selling of user’s content or any type of data breach clearly violates the privacy of the users.

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Users took to social media and reacted to the deal. They believe that a lot will be controlled by artificial intelligence in the upcoming future with respect to social media platforms. A Reddit user posted on X-

This is just the beginning then they will sell what more? I don’t accept to sell my content to another companies, What about the privacy ? It’s looks like that the AI companies will control a lot of things in the future..

According to social media users, selling their content for monetary gain would definitely lead to a dip in the number of users on the social media platform. This is not the first time a particular organization or a social media platform has joined hands with a second party with respect to selling the content of its users. Previously, OpenAI signed a deal with Axel Springer, a German publisher for its articles.

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CEO Steve Huffman Talks About The Future of Reddit

During a recent interview with The New York Times, CEO Steve Huffman spoke about the future of Reddit. From talking about the upcoming ventures and how artificial intelligence has influenced social media platforms, Huffman discussed the various aspects of Reddit. While talking about the necessary steps taken to prevent AI-training freeloaders, he said-

“Reddit is an open platform, and we love that. At the same time, we have been taken advantage of by some of the largest companies in the world.”

Steve Huffman also acknowledged the wrong steps taken with respect to Reddit and its impact on the users. He said-

 “The business decision itself, we stand by it, and we stood by it at that moment, but I think a lot of how we worked our way through it could have been better.”

He further mentioned-
“It’s a nice time right now. I think we’re executing really well.”
Reddit was founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman in 2005. The duo were roommates at the University Of Virginia back in the early 2000s. The company was sold out to Conde Nast in the following year and went on to function as an independent subsidiary of Conde Nast’s parent company Advance Publications. After leaving the company in 2009, Steve Huffman returned as the CEO of Reddit back in 2015.

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