Amber Heard has truly become one of the most famous women in history. Just not on the right side of it. With the follow-up of the defamation case, the leaked documents about her risque parties with Elon Musk are just another element that plays in her downfall. The actress created quite a fan following during the defamation trial.

This may be because the actress promoted a lot of awareness regarding domestic abuse. Even though her situation reveals that she is not the most suitable candidate to promote awareness on such topics, the fan following has truly reached its peak. Especially after being spotted celebrating the smallest of wins on Twitter. A recent Reddit post featured the actress’s name at the top of its comment section in the context of which celebrity deserves a comeback.

Amber Heard created an awareness, with a wrong approach

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

The verdict of the Amber Heard and Jonny Depp case was reached on 1st June 2022. Yet it is still affecting people all around the world. The verdict has direct implications on the #metoo movement and the rise of #notbelievingallwomen has taken up the space which again puts the lady in charge of proving herself to the world. Social media is a place where we share our pieces of life. However, it’s surely not the right place to share everything in one’s mind. Jonny Depp and his strong support, as well as a lady advocate defending him, created an image of a troubled ex-husband. The images of the actress in a lift with Elon Musk were intensively used in the trial. This again points out the constant pin-pointing of the fact of the so-called ‘purity of a married woman’.

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Johnny Depp’s stardom led to Amber Heard’s downfall

Amber Heard
Amber Heard at the defamation trial

The defamation trial between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard has become a case study of the social media trial. It has also become a classic example of having a social image that should be crystal clear. Amber Heard is no doubt popular. However, when it comes to positive popularity between her and Jonny Depp, the picture seems unfair. The trial has created a ruckus in the already difficult lives of women who fear speaking against any violence. The lesser evil here is treated as an innocent which is surely not the case. The larger picture of private and public life is blurred in this case due to strong stardom.

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Twitter fans congratulate Amber Heard on being first in a Reddit post

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

After Amber Heard’s name showed up at the top of the list in a Reddit post, her fans celebrated on Twitter. The subreddit r/Duexmoi recently had a post that asked its audience a simple question. “Celebrities that deserve a comeback?” by the Redditor known as u/rosacitroner.  The subreddit is known for being pro-Amber Heard in the first place itself. The post gave an example of a celebrity comeback by describing Brendan Fraser’s return to Hollywood. The top comment on the post was Amber Heard. This made the fans of the Aquaman actress celebrate the small victory of recognition on Twitter.

Clearly, the fan following of the actress is still strong and ongoing. Especially after the recent women’s march stunt, the fans attempted to pull off. Amber Heard may not be the best example when it comes to domestic abuse. However, the fact that the actress has created an awareness from all of what we have witnessed in the defamation trial is something that can be commended. As to the Reddit post itself, if Amber Heard ever manages to make a comeback after such a downfall is a complete mystery at the moment.

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