What If episode 8 showed Steve Rogers as the President of the United States and not fighting Ultron. Let’s find out why. All the fans who complained that What If is not that great of a series are definitely thinking otherwise after the 8th episode. That’s because our all-time favorite villain, Ultron, is back and this time, he ‘wins’. In a surprising turn of events, Ultron, in the body of Vision, even goes on to take the Infinity Stones for himself by splitting Thanos into half. But one surprising turn that this reality took is the fact that Steve Rogers is not fighting Ultron and is rather the President of the U.S.

Here’s Why Steve Rogers Is President & Not Fighting Ultron In What If

Steve Rogers becomes President in ep 8 of What If
Steve Rogers becomes President in ep 8 of What If

Episode 8 was anything but normal. We saw what would truly happen if Ultron had won and how weak of a team the Avengers is without Thor. However, another Avenger who could not be seen is Steve Rogers. That’s because he was shown as the President. Throughout the What If journey, Captain America has had a rocky journey. First, he never got the super-soldier serum as Peggy got to become the first super-soldier. Then in episode 5, Steve tragically joined the legion of the undead while trying to stop the zombie virus. And now, episode 8 throws a second of a cameo where Steve is the President.

Steve doesn't fight Ultron in What If episode 8
Steve doesn’t fight Ultron in What If episode 8

As Ultron and The Watcher were fighting, they traveled many universes. One such universe was Steve’s reality where he accepted the presidency. The reason why Ultron’s presence makes Steve’s story sad is intricate. In Marvel’s Captain America #250, Roger denied the presidency to fulfill his duties. However, What If shows that his universe has attained such undisturbed peace that Rogers can go on to become the President. But Ultron’s presence in that universe changes everything for Steve Rogers. So it is safe to say in no reality whatsoever can he rest.

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