What If episode 8 could have hinted how Galactus might look in the MCU. Ever since Marvel’s Phase 3 ended, people have wondered who would be the next big bad. Of course, we need someone who can terrify the superheroes just like Thanos did. Now, when it comes to Marvel, they do not have a shortage of some hardcore villains. But one villain that has always been in the hindsight is Galactus. Moreover, he is that one villain we desperately need in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It now seems that Marvel has hinted at how he might look via What If episode 8. Check it out!

What If Shows How Galactus Could Look Like In MCU

Galactus is a classic Fantastic Four villain. Ever since the welcoming of Marvel’s First Family was announced, people have wondered if they will go up against Galactus or not. Moreover, fans have wondered how he’ll look once he is confirmed for the MCU. It now seems like Marvel has perfectly hinted at how he will look. What if episode 8 shows a cosmic-level threat and even made Ultron look like Galactus. Check it out:

One thing that fans need to understand is that this is just a theory. This image does not necessarily mean that Marvel has shown Galactus in the MCU. The reason for that is in episode 8, Ultron grows way too powerful after he cuts Thanos into two parts and takes the Infinity Stones for himself. Now, he is at that level that he might even stand up to Galactus. Making him look like this might just be a way for Marvel to show just how powerful Ultron is with the Infinity Stones.

What If Shows How Galactus Could Look Like In MCU
What If Shows How Galactus Could Look Like In MCU

Ultron even went on to break the multiverse and confront The Watcher. It forced him to use his powers against Ultron but he didn’t stand a chance in the first place. This further forced The Watcher to seek help from the evil Doctor Strange. Now, episode 9 might show evil Doctor Strange and The Watcher vs. Ultron.

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