Marvel’s What If…? is about to change the entire game, showing us stories that would have never happened otherwise. But it still missed out on some epic scenarios.

Thanos Was An Avenger

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Thanos joins forces with the Avengers to stop an alien race called the Builders. But it victory come at a huge cost. The world finds a new tyrant – Thanos, who now controls the blue planet.

Loki Was The God Of Thunder

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It’s something we have all been pondering since the Loki series. if Loki was worthy of Mjolnir and an actual goody two shoes like Thor, how different would Asgard would be?

Doctor Abraham Erskine Never Died


A Nazi secret agent killed Erskine during the experiment that turned Rogers into Captain America. Had Erskine lived, he would have created many more super soldiers for the Allies. Maybe Hydra would have ended with World War II.

Iron Man Became Evil


His genius and sarcasm makes us think he will always be the good guy. But if Iron Man ever went evil, will there be anyone who would even stand a chance against this genius??

Namor Grew Up On Land

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Namor grows up on land rather than in Atlantis. As a result, he becomes a very different superhero since he no longer has access to Atlantis’ huge resources. Also, the Oceans are about to take over the world.

Jack Kirby & Stan Lee Were Superheroes

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What If… The Original Marvel Bullpen Had Become the Fantastic Four? cast Lee, Kirby, Flo Steinberg, and Sol Brodsky as the Fantastic Four.

Hulk Becomes The Herald Of Galactus

Cosmic Powered World Breaker Hulk : The Most Powerful Herald of Galactus - YouTube

The Hulk is the strongest avatar of raw, brute strength. But what would happen if he is granted the power of the Power Cosmic and becomes the Cosmic World Breaker? A scary scenario indeed!!

Bucky Becomes Captain America Instead Of Steve Rogers


What if the World war two Super soldier Program the Allies were running chose Bucky Barnes as the test subject rather than Steve Rogers? That is an interesting proposition the show could have explored.

Spider-Man Never Stopped Mutating

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Spider-Man has dealt with the occasional hyper-mutation into a spider-like creature. In this arc, Spider-Man suffers through a more severe case of the same condition. His son also inherited the unfortunate mutagenic traits in his father’s blood. After the young boy kills Flash Thompson’s son, Peter Parker tries defending his child and is killed. The young Parker is sent to Professor X’s school to learn how to control his powers.

The Watcher Killed Galactus

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In this iconic arc, Uatu the Watcher breaks his vow of non-intervention, defeating Galactus. His people take him prisoner for going against the law. The Fantastic Four vouch for him but to no avail. In a cruel twist of fate, Uatu is sentenced to become the new Galactus, forever wandering the cosmos and consuming entire planets.

Steve Rogers Fought For The Nazis

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What if instead of Uncle Sam, Steve Rogers fought for the Axis powers in World War Two? It’s not like a scenario like this does not exist in the comics. During Secret Empire, Captain America revealed himself to be a Hydra sleeper agent.

Daredevil Was Not Blind

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Matt Murdock’s physical disability is his most signature trait. It’s his greatest strength in battle. But in one alternate story arc, the world comes to know Matt Murdock is not blind and has superhuman senses. With his greatest trump card now in the wind, Matt Murdock undergoes ocular surgery that restores his eyesight. He retires from being a superhero.

Wolverine Becomes The Vampire King

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The X-Men encounter Dracula, Lord of the Vampires. Dracula manages to turn Wolverine into a blood-sucker. But his healing factor kicks in, allowing him to maintain his self control. Wolverine kills Dracula and becomes the Vampire King. He then almost destroys the planet before taking out all vampires after regaining his sanity momentarily.

Cable Kills the X-Men

cable destroyed

In this alternate story arc that actually exists in the comics, Cable detonates a bomb that kills the X-Men leadership. The superhero team disbands. Magneto takes over the United States of America and humanity retaliates with a global nuclear strike. Wolverine goes insane and now roams the earth with a motley crew of other mutant survivors.

Professor X Was A Mutant Terrorist & Magneto Was Pro-Humanity


We have all thought about it. Professor X is all about peaceful co-existence. Magneto is a mutant extremist and fanatic. While the former wants to create the perfect world for mutants via peaceful negotiations, the latter wants to destroy humanity and pave the way for mutants to take over the planet. But what if the world’s most powerful telepath was the bad guy and Magneto was the only one who could stop him.

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