Netflix announcing its deadly hit series “Squid Game” into reality recently gained many attractions. The series will be brought into reality with some adjustments, of course where  456 players won’t have to kill anyone and the winner will be getting a whopping amount of $4.56 million. Soon after the announcement, was live and the reality series was available for “English-language speakers from any part of the world.” 

Squid Game Season 1
Squid Game turning into reality show

Registration for the Squid Game Reality Show

The website for the registration had three options, UK casting, USA casting and Global casting with the minimum age of the applicant must be 21 years old. However, unlike the series, Netflix claims there are no life and death stakes, assuring ‘the worst fate is going home empty-handed.’

Recently Netflix was in the news for laying off its employees

Is the new reality show dehumanizing?

one user tweeted Squid Games in Dehumanizing and people want it!

Well, that’s a funny one out there!

Fear factor but with more money than one could dream of!

Capitalist move or marketing gimmick?

Netizens on Twitter replied, “This feels so dystopian. Turning a fictional death game into a reality show.”

Roman Gladiator or Squid Games? What’s your pick?

Users on Twitter compared the Squid Games reality show to a gladiator contest in the colosseum. 



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