In Doctor Strange, viewers came to know that The Masters Of The Mystic Arts have kept the Time Stone for centuries. It was considered to be their greatest weapon as well. This was proven true in the movie as well as in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. But is it really necessary for them to use it to time travel?

Can Time Travel Only Be Done By Using The Time Stone?

The time stone within the Eye of Agamotto. Pic courtesy:
The time stone within the Eye of Agamotto. Pic courtesy:

It can be seen that the sorcerers have come to understand time and how it works really well. This is due to their prolonged experience with the Time Stone. This is backed up by the fact that it was the Ancient One who explained to Hulk how time travel worked (in the MCU). Some of the time travel secrets are kept in the Book of Cagliostro. This was the ancient dome where Doctor Strange learned how to use the Time Stone. Due to the events of Infinity War and Endgame, it was assumed by viewers that this knowledge is useless now. That’s cause the only way to time travel now seems to be via the Quantum Realm.

But Doctor Strange at the very least should still have the ability to time travel even without the Infinity Stone. Viewers will remember that the Doctor Strange movie had scenes where Doctor Strange’s astral form was cast through multiple dimensions. This again proves that the Masters of the Mystic Arts understand the Multiverse way better than the other Avengers. Will this knowledge help them when a fellow Avenger goes rogue next? 

Sling Rings Are An Alternative To The Time Stone

Doctor Strange uses his Sling Ring. Pic courtesy:
Doctor Strange uses his Sling Ring. Pic courtesy:

There was something called Sling Rings which were introduced in Doctor Strange. These mystical devices helped the masters focus their energy. This device can open a portal anywhere they envision in their minds. It means that they can explore everywhere- from physical places to dimensional ones. While training Doctor Strange, Mordo tells him that these Sling Rings allow them to travel throughout the Multiverse. So this means that Doctor Strange should be able to enter the Quantum Realm by himself using the Sling Ring and then exit where he wants. 

But it’s also possible that the masters of the mystic arts might have never used the Quantum Realm to time travel. This could be because since they already had the Time Stone and so they didn’t have to use other alternatives. It means that Doctor Strange is the only Master who ended up time travelling through the quantum realm and used his sling ring to save the universe and the Avengers too. He did this way before the leftover Avengers figured out how to use the Quantum realm. This means that he is one of the MCU’s strongest heroes and one of the best Masters of The Mystic Arts. But will he still be able to defeat what comes next in Doctor Strange 2?

Wondering how exactly time travel will be done by Doctor Strange after Endgame? Then give this video a look:

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