The Kardashians and photoshop fails go hand in hand, and that is a world-renowned fact now. They have an obsession with creating unrealistic beauty standards, thus instilling insecurities in normal women across the globe. The women then run after the products created, advertised, and marketed by the said Kardashians, thus booming their businesses and turning them into billionaires. Kim Kardashian has yet again made a photoshop blunder while promoting a new line of bikinis from her shapewear and clothing brand, SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian’s failed attempt at promoting SKIMS bikinis

Kanye West thinks fashion industry manipulates Kim Kardashian to indulge in nudity
Kim Kardashian

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian shared sultry pictures of herself in a set of black and nude SKIMS bikinis with her followers via Instagram thus advertising the products. She captioned the post, “S K I M S holiday shop available now”. While, at first glance, the pictures were quite the eye-catcher flaunting her stunning curvy figure, but then several fans looked past what initially met the eyes. Many of the 42-year-old’s followers noticed that there seemed to be an inner thigh on her left thigh, a rather peculiar instance – no one can have three thighs after all.

It became clear to these fans that the SKKN founder was trying to photoshop the picture and give herself a thigh gap. Obviously, she blundered instead and ended up giving herself a third thigh.

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Fans spot Kim Kardashian’s photoshopped third thigh

Kim Kardashian photoshopped SKIMS bikini picture
The photoshopped picture Kim K posted on Instagram

The comment section was rife with quite a lot of criticism and backlash. Whereas some people questioned the practical comfort level that the SKIMS bikini would provide as it seemed rather taut and skimpy. A major section of the comments also suggested that this self-display was just a way to get back at Pete Davidson for moving on with supermodel Emily Ratajkowski. Several others questioned the third inner thigh and the photoshop blunder.

Kim Kardashian brutally trolled for photoshop blunder
Kim Kardashian brutally trolled

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One person commented, “Why she got two thighs on the left”. Whereas another questioned, “Whats up with that left inner thigh. I see 2.”

Yet another fan said, “Imagine literally editing a thigh gap into your photos in 2022.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s stake in the SKIMS brand is a major reason for her attaining her billionaire status. Somehow it seems like no matter what controversies the KarJenners get embroiled in, their profits keep growing nonetheless. In fact, the more the controversies, the more the headlines, and many a time it has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The Kardashians just seem to believe it too ardently.

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Source: Geo News

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