The entire Hollywood world was shocked when Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s high-profile marriage ended abruptly in June 2012. The outcome of their divorce impacted not only Holmes but their child, Suri Cruise, as well. As the controversy built up, Katie Holmes could not escape the price she had to pay after her separation from Tom Cruise, particularly from the paparazzi.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Angela George

When Katie Holmes decided to file for divorce, she wanted to protect her daughter Suri from Cruise’s Scientological beliefs. This decision invited extreme media coverage and public attention. Holmes and her daughter have become the main object of the paparazzi. The legal proceedings for the separation moved rather fast, and the divorce was granted only ten days after the papers were filed by Holmes.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s Divorce Became a Public Drama

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Kevin Ballard

The separation phase put a lot of pressure on both Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, but especially on Suri, who was only six years old at the time. The constant stalking by photographers and media showed Suri Cruise crying on many occasions. In one of the videos, Suri is heard crying and holding on to her mother because of the paparazzi and reporters who called out her name. The emotional cost that Suri had to pay for her parent’s divorce can be felt in this video.

Netizens showed their concerns in the comment section under the video. Many users commented showing their sympathy for little Suri, who was holding on to her mother hiding her face, 

when she screamed, it broke my heart

Suri looked terrified. Whst are adults doing terrifying a child? i feel sorry for little suri.

Why don’t the paps leave Suri alone can’t they respect her right to privacy?

She seems like she has an awful childhood!! Poor suri!!

Was that Suri screaming? That gave me chills.

Katie Holmes did her best to protect Suri from the constant attention of the paparazzi. They even relocated to New York City for a more secluded and secure life. Despite all these efforts, the paparazzi continued to trail them. This led Holmes to occasionally go to court to defend their rights. In that effort, too, she was captured in photos taking Suri to school as the media constantly followed them.

In another incident, one of the members of the paparazzi went too far when little Suri wasn’t being responsive enough to his words and was calling them to get out of the way. The person started cussing Suri by calling her a “b*tch” and “brat.” Later, another man tried to stop the paparazzo.

In an interview with Glamour, Holmes talked about why she wanted to keep her daughter’s life private. She said,

I’m very grateful to be a parent, to be her parent. She’s an incredible person. She’s my heart…What has been really important for me with my daughter, because she was so visible at a young age, is I really like to protect her.

However, being raised in the public eye, particularly in times of social media, can impact a child deeply. Holmes has been incredibly defensive in her attempt to ensure that her daughter has as traditional a childhood as possible.

The Connection of Scientology With Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Divorce

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise at the Jack Reacher movie premiere | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Frankie Fouganthin

The marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was one of the most famous love stories in Hollywood, but their divorce in 2012 revealed another side connected to Scientology. As Suri turns 18, doubts surface about how the much-debated religion has affected their lives.

According to Page Six, Katie Holmes is also said to have signed her strict non-disclosure agreements to prevent her from talking about her marriage and experiences in Scientology. However, Suri’s growing up could be the turning point in this. Investigative journalist Tony Ortega who has covered Scientology for many years, might be interested in her opinion about how her father’s religion led to their rift. She said,

Suri would have been too young to sign any agreement, but she will now be free to talk if she wants to and it’s going to be really interesting if she has something to say.

According to Page Six, Ortega believes that Holmes left Cruise when Suri was six because she did not want her daughter to experience what Cruise’s elder kids, Isabella and Connor went through due to Scientology. The fact that the Church labels those who have left as ‘suppressive persons’ and insists on disconnection gives a serious twist to their story.

Ex-scientologists like Mike Rinder and Karen de la Carreira claim that such basic policies do not apply to celebrities like Tom Cruise. However, actress Leah Remini expressed concerns that Cruise might be waiting for the perfect moment to pull Suri into Scientology.

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