The Jonas Brothers started writing and singing songs when they were mere teenagers. The Jonas family’s love for music has helped them earn fame and recognition in Hollywood. From collaborating with Columbia Records to conducting tours around the world- Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas took the world by storm with their chartbusters. The musical trio launched their latest album, The Album in May 2023.

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Nick Jonas

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The Disney darlings are married to the love of their life. The eldest Kevin Jonas is married to Danielle Jonas for over a decade and is a proud father to Valentina Angelina, and Alena Rose. Joe Jonas is married to Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner and shares two daughters with her. Nick Jonas is married to the India-origin actor and Miss World Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and the couple welcomed their daughter via surrogacy in 2022.

Nick Jonas Feels Weird Singing About S*x With His Brothers

Gone are the days when Nick Jonas was a cute Disney star. Now he is a happily married man and a hands-on father to his daughter, Malti-Marie Jonas. Over time, the Jonas Brothers have evolved from being the crush of teenage girls to being loved and appreciated for singing about love and other abstract topics.

Recently, during an interview with the Bustle, the Sucker singer spoke about how it feels singing about s*x along with his elder brothers. Their latest track The Album which features a song named Summer in the Hamptons includes lyrics like “s*x with you is like”. Nick Jonas revealed that the trio end up being conscious while singing on topics like s*x or anything related to it. The Leave Before You Love Me singer confessed-

“We’re always conscious that we’re three brothers singing on stage together. So when we sing about sex specifically, it’s gotta be kind of a nuanced thing, otherwise, it can be a little strange.”

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The Jonas Brothers

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The youngest of The Jonas Brothers member, Nick Jonas spoke about the kind of relationship dynamics the siblings share. He went on to mention during the interview-

“We’ve gotten pretty used to needing to solve disputes or frustrations in environments where there are tons of people around because there’s always tons of people around. And most times it’s as simple as stepping into a different room so the three of us can just take a second to work it out.”

However, s*x was never a part of their songs from 2006 to 2013. They even made headlines by wearing purity rings and promoting celibacy until they got married. After splitting up, Joe Jonas was the first amongst the three of them who wrote songs about intimacy and romance in his solo album Fast Life in 2011.

Nick Jonas Reflects On Their New Album

For The Jonas Brothers, The Album is very special, as it includes some of the topics that were never touched upon by the band since they started off. While speaking to ABC News’ Impact x Nightline, Nick Jonas went on to speak about his experience and the journey that led to the making of The Album. The Jealous singer said-

“The journey this record has taken us on has been a one-of-a-kind experience and finally getting to share these songs with you means the world to us.”

He added-

“When you think about the longevity of a career like Mick Jagger’s. Whoever, Bruce [Springsteen] — those records, those songs really mean something to people.”

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Nick Jonas

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The Album is a collection of the life experiences of the Jonas brothers. The songs on the album speak volumes about the topics and abstract feelings that were never explored by the band before. Nick Jonas explained-

“We want to be in that category. So this album, I feel like, does that pretty well. With [songs] like ‘Wings’ and ‘Little Bird’… [they’re] all moments in time, real visceral experiences that we’ve been able to kind of put into song.” 

The Jonas Brothers have displayed the transition from being Disney boys to well-behaved dignified men, married to the love of their life. They are a perfect example of family men.

Source: Bustle

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