Dwayne Johnson is not only one of the most famous actors in the world but also one of the highest-paid ones. He excels in both the action and comedy genres, and it is hard not to swoon over his acting skills. He has often referred to himself as the ‘hardest worker in the room’ but there might be another A-list actor who can beat him to it.

 Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

This actor is the American heartthrob Tom Cruise who is famous for doing all of his stunts on his own and often breaking a bone or two in the process which is not very appreciated by his co-stars. Cruise’s work ethic is too strong even for the hardest working people to keep up. The directors who have worked with him testify to this fact.

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Dwayne Johnson Has a Competitor for His Title

Known for his humble demeanor, Dwayne Johnson is indeed one of the hardest-working celebrities in Hollywood. In an Instagram video, he once said that a mountain represents hard work for him and when he reaches the mountain top, it means he got what he worked for. In the caption of that video on his Instagram account therock, he revealed that in an interview he was asked what he would do once he reached the top. He said:

Well when you finally reach your mountain top, you pull people up with you so everyone wins and you make more mountain. So the climb continues…


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This was not the first time Dwayne Johnson has spoken about the importance of hard work and certainly, won’t be the last as he continues to inspire people with his words of wisdom and hard-earned success. However, Tom Cruise can give him tough competition for the title of the ‘hardest worker in the room’.

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Tom Cruise Enjoys Working Hard

Tom Cruise, known for his charismatic looks and dangerous stunts, made a shocking revelation that he doesn’t take any days off, unlike most people who work on the weekdays looking forward to their days off. In May 2022, he told Variety that days off for him meant promoting his films. He said:

“I’m just chillin’ now. I don’t have days off. Look, I’m fortunate, I’m lucky. I’ve spent my life on movie sets and traveling the world, which is what I always wanted to do. So this is not work — I’m living the dream.”

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Edge of Tomorrow‘s director Doug Liman has first-hand experience living with Tom Cruise, and he said as much to Deadline in an interview in which many other directors shared their experiences of working with Cruise. Liman said:

“I lived with Tom when we made American Made. When you work with Tom, it’s a seven-days-a-week job. No matter how hard a worker you are, and I consider myself that, it’s nothing compared to Tom.”

This explains what makes Tom Cruise stand out amidst so many actors who have been in the show business for as long as him. Liman also revealed that the Top Gun actor refused to take the day off even on his birthday. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to get more work done. At this rate, he is bound to beat Dwayne Johnson.

Source: Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram, Deadline, Variety

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