The international standards of beauty are reaching ridiculously impossible heights and the whole influencer culture is to blame. With people like the Kardashians ever ready to give their followers a daily dose of insecurity with their botox-laden faces, butt implants, and whatnot, the gullible girls are easy prey. The silent clamor for achieving the perfectly contoured face and the bodacious curves has led to this crazy competition that no one wants to fall behind on. Actress Jennifer Garner recently opened up and addressed this hazardous new practice that will be rued one day by the ones indulging in it now.

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner has useful advice for the younger generation

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Jennifer Garner on the hazards of using Botox

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Jennifer Garner with her daughters

The 13 going on 30 actress talked to Harper’s Bazaar magazine and shared her beauty secrets. The topmost priority for the 50-year-old was to warn everyone about the perils of using artificial substances in order to look young. This, she claims, is also the advice that Jennifer Garner has given to her daughters, whom she shares with Ben Affleck, Violet Anna Affleck, 16, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, 13.

The Texas native also talked about Botox and the long-term risks of using it at a young age, adding that everyone should try to not be so obsessed with their looks so much so that they’ll gamble on their appearances in the long run by investing in something harmful. She said, “Don’t think you’re 37 and need to inject your face.”

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The sane celebs who defy Botox

Jennifer Garner
In a world full of Kardashians, listen to Jennifer Garner

A point of relief during the general hullabaloo is that Garner’s stand, despite not being very popular, is not a stand-alone one. Several other celebrities have chimed in or made similar statements about this norm of young people trying tooth and nail to preserve their youth by injecting their faces.

Some stars that agree with Jennifer Garner include, Busy Philipps, who shared recently that she “has no Botox, no fillers and is disappointed when very young women start ‘screwing’ with their faces”. English actress Kate Beckinsale also stated recently that because she is scared of “crippling her face”, the actress has chosen not to inject it.

The drop-dead gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, who happened to have married Jennifer Garner’s ex Ben Affleck earlier this month has also revealed that “she has never had Botox or injectable treatments or resorted to surgeries”. 

With positive pieces of advice coming from so many recognized faces, we hope the Kardashian fever cools down for good.

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