It seems that the upcoming memoir Spare by Prince Harry is literally going to be a Tell-all. Excerpts from the book have been leaked due to an accidental early release in Spain. However, it is not available for purchase till the 10th of January in the UK. The excerpts have made it clear that the book is going to contain a lot of private information from the Duke of Sussex. Apparently, it is going to be as private as the topic of his manhood. Calling his private organ a “todger”, Prince Harry revealed the time he was frostbitten after an expedition. He also opened up about the pain he was suffering during his older brother Prince William’s marriage due to this. Furthermore, he addressed the rumor of whether he is circumcised or not. Seemingly, the book deserves the anticipation it has been receiving since its announcement.

Prince Harry Opens Up About the Time He was Frostbitten

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

From the leaked excerpts of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare, it is rightfully a thoroughly revealing book. A 200-mile charity walk towards the north pole back in 2011 resulted in painful frostbite for the second-born prince. The charity walk is called ‘Walking for Wounded’ and was launched in 2010 by Prince Harry. Although the walk was successful, with the team raising 2 million pounds, the Duke of Sussex was left in immense pain.

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It was reported that a section of the memoir discusses this event in his life. Although he had frostbite on his cheeks and ears, however, the most painful was the one that was not visible. He further reveals that he had been painfully standing beside Prince William during his marriage. The Duke of Sussex shared,

“While the ears and cheeks were already healing, the todger wasn’t. It was becoming more of an issue by the day”

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Furthermore, according to him, his father King Charles III had been “sympathetic” to his situation but had been unaware of the invisible pain. Eventually, Prince Harry added that he had to go to a doctor to relieve himself of the pain. Besides that, the book will contain many more incidents and revelations. Spare will be available from the 10th of January.

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Was the Duke of Sussex Circumcised?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Along with the story of his frostbitten “todger”, Prince Harry has also addressed the rumor about his circumcision. There has been a long-standing rumor that the late Prince Diana did not allow her younger son’s circumcision. It seems like the Duke of Sussex does not mind revealing stuff related to his private parts. In one of the excerpts he revealed, “I was snipped as a baby”. Before that, he also added how the rumors were false by sharing,

 “Mummy had forbidden it, they all said, and while it’s absolutely true that the chance of getting penile frostbite is much greater if you’re not circumcised, all the stories were false.”

Now that he has finally addressed the rumors about his private organs himself, hopefully, it would die down soon.

Spare is expected to be released on the 10th of January, 2023.

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Source: Mirror

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