Daniella Chavez is a playboy model who has appeared on the cover of three Playboy magazines. In recent news, she started an OnlyFans account to raise enough money so that she can buy a Football club that is up for sale. O’Higgins FC is a Chilean football Rancagua-based club that competes in the Campeonato Nacional League. She took to Twitter to announce the commencement of her OnlyFans account.

Model Daniella Chavez
Model Daniella Chavez

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According to the sources, the model told Chilean Radio Station ADN that she has already managed to raise $ 5 million and is closing in on her goal.

Daniella Chavez wants to raise $20 Million

The model told the ADN station about her goal. She said, “I found out that O’Higgins is for sale and I started a campaign to raise the nearly $20 million.” Her proposal included her asking the club supporters to support her and subscribe to her OnlyFans account so that she can pay for the club. The model has also promised to distribute “VIP gifts” to everyone who shared her account on social media.

Daniella Chavez wants to Raise $20 Million
Daniella Chavez wants to Raise $20 Million

Daniella Chavez recently accused the owner of O’Higgins FC, Ricardo Abumohor of discrimination over her means of earning the money to buy the football team. Regardless of that, the model is continuing to promote her account on social media and is asking her subscribers to do it as well.

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She is trying to become a Real Life Ted Lasso

In Apple TV’s hit series Ted Lasso, Lasso is a man who has just come to England. His former job was as a Rugby coach in Kansas, now he has to coach a team in the English Premier League. When he was asked how will he coach everyone without knowing squat about football, he replied “I coach people” and he really does. Daniella Chavez is also the sort of personality who is gonna be like Ted Lasso if she manages to buy the club but has no prior knowledge about football.

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Daniella Chavez wants to become a real life Ted Lasso
Daniella Chavez to become a real-life Ted Lasso

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The model first hit the news in 2015, when she said she had a relationship with the GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo. Other than OnlyFans, Chavez has a massive following on other social media as well. Her Instagram has a whooping number of more than 16 million followers.

Source: MARCA

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