Firerose is an Australian singer and songwriter, who is in her mid-20s. The singer comes from a family of symphony singers and is now rumored to be engaged to one. The singer gained recognition with songs like New Day, Way Out, and more. She has an active social media presence with around 22,500 followers.

The singer, firerose
The singer, firerose

The singer claims that she believes her purpose on earth was fulfilled by music and helping people through her music means a lot. 

Billy Ray Cyrus is an American Singer, 61 years old, and is known for his hit single, Achy Breaky Heart. He released 16 studio albums and 53 singles since 1992 and was in an on-off marriage with Tish Cyrus till 2021. And is now rumored to be engaged to Firerose.

Who is Firerose?

Firerose is a singer and songwriter in her mid-20s from Sydney. She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. She shares the same passion for music as her alleged fiance, Billy Cyrus Ray. “I always believed that my purpose on earth was fulfilled by music, and helping people up with a song I wrote gives everything so much meaning,” she said on her page.

Her website also lists Sia and Alanis Morisette along with Australian rock bands like INXS as some of her major musical inspirations.

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus

The couple, Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose
The couple, Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose

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Firerose started dating Billy Ray Cyrus after his split from his wife, Tish Cyrus in 2021. Not everyone had the same opinions about him moving on so quickly, especially Miley Cyrus. As per sources, there’s been some tension between both of them. However, his other kids don’t particularly have a problem with this. It also might be due to the nature of Tish and Billy Cyrus’ on-and-off marriage.

During an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the No Way Out singer disclosed that she had first met the singer 10 years ago while on the set of Hannah Montana. The duo also collaborated on a song, New Day in 2021 and performed the same on the show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. The song was also later performed live by the couple in July 2022, recorded on Firerose’s Instagram.

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Their Relationship Timeline and Engagement Rumors

The instagram picture with the ring
The Instagram picture with the ring

A source confirmed the couple officially got together after the divorce of Billy Ray Cyrus. The couple officially announced themselves in August this year with a birthday post captioned “The world is a better place with you in it. Happy Birthday, Billy❤️.” In this short time, they’ve attracted a lot of attention to their relationship.

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Now there are rumors of the singers officially getting engaged due to the recent post by Firerose. The singers posted a joint Instagram post with close-up images of the two in front of a tree with orange foliage. The post was captioned “Happy Autumn🧡.” However, all the attention was dragged away from the trees by the diamond ring visible in the picture.

The instagram post with the comments
The Instagram post with the comments
Source: Instagram.

The pair was then in a video a few days later. They were seen driving around a rural area with loud music playing in their car.

Source: Biography Daily, People

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