Eiichiro Oda crafted an intricate world in One Piece, which is packed with intriguing secrets and exciting tales that have kept fans hooked for more than two decades. Among the most captivating mysteries are the aspirations of Joy Boy and the significance behind the initial “D.” carried by several important characters in the series.

Joy Boy is still a mysterious figure in One Piece
Joy Boy is still a mysterious figure in One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

These mysteries are weaved with the grand story, raising the complexity of the narrative and keeping fans on their toes. The secrets involve an ancient world, powerful characters, and a hidden history that the World Government desperately tries to keep hidden. However, recent chapters and fan theories suggest that these mysteries might have already been unveiled through thematic clues and historical context presented throughout the series.

Joy Boy’s Dream And The Significance Of The Initial “D.”

Gol D. Roger laughing
Gol D. Roger laughing after learning the secrets of the world (Credits: Toei Animation)

Fan theory and substantial evidence throughout the series suggest that the initial “D.” represents “Dawn”. The dawn signifies a new beginning, a fresh chapter after a period of darkness. This symbolism is frequently referenced by key characters and deeply woven into the narrative.

The metaphor of dawn not only embodies hope but also captures the essence of the series- the pursuit of freedom and defiance against oppressive forces. In the series, dawn is often associated with the eventual overthrow of the dictatorial World Government and the liberation of the oppressed people worldwide.

Characters with the initial “D,” such as Gol D. Roger, Monkey D. Luffy, and others, possess this innate will and work to create a society in which freedom is the rule. The assumption that the “D.” represents people who are meant to usher in a new age is further supported by this thematic connection.

Joy Boy, The First Pirate And The Will Of “D.”

Luffy in his Gear 5 form (Credits: Toei Animation)

A legendary figure in the One Piece lore, Joy Boy is famed for his link to the ancient weapon, Poseidon and his attempt to fulfill a promise to the inhabitants of Fish-Man Island. The theory holds that because of his revolutionary vision, Joy Boy was the first human to be officially recognized as a pirate by the World Government.

His crew, known as the “Dawn Pirates,” was committed to realizing his dream. Joy Boy eventually lost, but not before leaving behind a mythical treasure called the One Piece, which is thought to hold the secret to realizing his dream and bringing about the long-awaited dawn.

The characters with the initial “D.”—the Will of D.—are at the center of the narrative. They are shown to have an indomitable spirit and an innate resistance to injustice, which is reminiscent of Joy Boy’s dream of an oppression-free society.

According to this theory, the descendants of Joy Boy’s crew —who carry the initial “D.”—carry on his unwavering determination. The “D.” clan is notable for their propensity to smile in the face of hardship, even death. This might represent their steadfast faith that Joy Boy’s desire will ultimately come true and that, in the end, dawn will break regardless of how long it takes.

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