Even a well-engineered killing machine like the xenomorph from the Alien franchise has a flaw, and zealots are growing suspicious. Gabriel’s protagonist Cruz is reliant on his neck for the xenomorphs in a new Marvel Comics series called Alien (also known as alien: blood lines), written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Superman, the Last God) and illustrated by Salvador Larocca (X-Men, Doctor Doom).But, while death is still a possibility, it appears that he and his wicked Weyland-Yutani bosses have an ace up their sleeves that might be used to destroy the cosmic menace once and for all: synthetics. After the failed robbery by the terrorist organization known as the “Minute Hand Movement”, a new alien erupted at the Epsilon Orbital Research and Development Station operated by Weyland-Yutani, prompting Cruz to be subsequently recalled action.


Retired as the head of safety. Rescue a precious alien embryo for the space station. While searching for his son Danny (one of the terrorists who caused the outbreak), Cruz encountered a synthetic bishop model or robot, and he appeared to be one of the last survivors who remained at the station. It was there that the robot told him an important detail, which may herald the end of the terrible alien plague. On the page of Alien #4, the Colony Marine Corps Hamilton was one of the two soldiers assigned to Cruz (after Cruz asked for five combat compositions) and asked how the Robot Bishop survived. Now holding a flamethrower, Bishop commented that “Aliens don’t seem to know about synthetic materials until they think we are a threat.” Although this one-off line seems to be a convenient explanation for Bishop’s existence, he will actually be an alien. A controversial aspect of the legend has been brought into Marvel’s booming classics, proposing an effective strategy to combat future alien outbursts. Appearing many times in the “Alien” series, including in the “Alien” and “Alien: Covenant” films, synthetic materials were placed in a situation that should have been torn apart by hordes of hungry aliens, but they were ignored.


In the 1986 movie Alien, Lance Bishop traveled through the alien-infested territory for miles to find a way for the main crew to retrieve the transport ship to escape the Hadley’s Hope colony, while the robot was. Wei encountered a similar situation in the 2017 movie “Alien: Covenant”. The video game Alien: Isolation also appears to ignore robots on the surface of the aliens, and the dark horse’s handling of the alien franchise includes some cases where aliens unexpectedly rescue synthetic characters (there are many that they do not rescue).


People have proposed various reasons for this alien’s attention immunity, from the ability of aliens to detect pheromones to the ability of robots to remain completely still and lifeless, but Marvel recently obtained the right to publish comics aliens is not yet clear. Which elements of the Xenomorph legend and history will appear, and how many other elements will change? Fortunately, Alien 4 confirms this unusual Alien weakness, although the synthetic immunity is not complete, as Bishop Epsilon later discovered when he was severely exposed by the Wandering Alien.


This may be due to his proximity to organic humans. Fortunately, Marvel chose to accept a weakness that could help the protagonist in the future outwit the alien enemy. By making it clear that even this tiny advantage can not be counted on in all circumstances, it is loyal to the alien.


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