The Princess of Wales, Catherine, popularly known as Kate Middleton is one of the adored personalities by the people in the British royal family. Her influence is second to none as she has always tried her best in whatever she does. Past reports have always praised the Princess for her personality, and hardworking nature who does her best as a working royal.

Kate Middleton
The Princess of Wales, Catherine

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Being such an influential personality, it is quite amusing that her lookalike is present in today’s world, who shared her perks and challenges of looking similar to the former.

Heidi Agan, The Lookalike of Kate Middleton, Opens Up About Her Experience

Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

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The 42-year-old Heidi Agan first became a lookalike in 2012 who was spotted while working as a waitress in the build-up to the royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011.

She has faced several ups and downs working as a double for the Duchess of Cambridge however the former shared that she loves her job. The reason is not just because people often mistake her as a royal member but she is also recognized in her Northamptonshire town for her identity as a double.

She shared, “I was in Tesco the other day and it’s nice because you know people haven’t forgotten, a worker said ‘are you that girl who does Kate’, and it’s lovely when that happens.”

She added, “I went to London recently and this guy was staring at me and his little girl said: ‘Why are you looking’ and he said: ‘I know that girl from somewhere’. I get a quick double-take normally and you can see their thought process.”

Even though she likes being a doppelganger of the Princess, she also addressed the dark side of her job.

Heidi Agan Reportedly Received Multiple Threats

Kate Middleton Lookalike, Heidi Agan, (Image: Birmingham Mail)
Heidi Agan, from Cheslyn Hay (Image: Birmingham Mail)

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The Cheslyn Hay personality shared that she has received more than a dozen marriage proposals since becoming the doppelganger of the royal member, but she has also received multiple death threats.

She said: “It’s the world of social media, there’s always people who say, ‘why are you trying to be somebody else?'”

“When it first happened, I was so taken aback by the amount of hate that comes from people but now I’ve learned that that’s the way it is. Everybody has an opinion.”

“If my children see something negative, I can talk to them about my personal experience and it’s important to education your children to help them.”

Working for a decade in maintaining her image as the royal, she realizes the pressure of impersonating Middleton, which is why she “would never want to be her” adding that she is happy with the double-takes she often gets.

Source: Birmingham Live

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