Thanos follows the Space Stone to the spacecraft transporting the Asgardians that escaped Hela’s fury in Avengers: Infinity War. Thor, Loki, Heimdall, and Hulk are left in the wreckage after he annihilates virtually everyone on board. With little hope of survival remaining, Heimdall sends Hulk to Earth to alert the Avengers about Thanos, leaving the two princes behind to face Thanos. Some regarded it as a hasty choice at the moment, but it might have been a calculated move by the all-seeing Asgardian. A Reddit user proposed a reasonable hypothesis as to why Heimdall chose Hulk over the Gods of Thunder and Mischief. Loki was not dispatched since he had proved to be untrustworthy and self-centered. Loki, envious of his brother Thor, brought Frost Giants to Asgard.


Meanwhile, in The Avengers, he worked for Thanos and was responsible for the murders of countless innocent people. Loki also pretended to die in order to infiltrate Asgard and seize the throne, depriving Odin of his abilities and exiling him to Earth in Thor: The Dark World. Thor was delighted to maintain the masquerade even while the Nine Realms were in utter turmoil, until Thor caught on to his lies in Thor: Ragnarok. He was so anxious about his own safety that he was willing to accept the prospect of Asgard and the realms perishing at Hela’s hands, pondering staying on Sakaar rather than confronting her again. While he had partially redeemed himself by the end of Ragnarok, it was too late to persuade Heimdall that Loki could be trusted or worthy of being rescued.



Thor, on the other hand, ultimately became the real ruler Odin desired. He was willing to give his life not only for Asgard, but for any other world in need of rescue. His primary concern was the protection of his people, and he even returned to Asgard when Hela had the upper hand. As an Asgardian and Thor’s trusted friend, Heimdall understood that he would rather die honorably while protecting his people than be rescued at the expense of their deaths. Heimdall, for his part, decided to save Bruce Banner because, even in his Hulk-induced anger, he understood where his loyalties lay. Hulk bravely fought Hela’s wolves and army to save the last of the Asgardians. On the ship, he even attempted to defeat Thanos, but he was outmatched.


As the Mad Titan claimed that there were two more stones on Earth, Heimdall offered Earth an edge by dispatching Hulk to warn and prepare them for what was to come. Another reason Heimdall picked Bruce was because he was a human, an erudite academic, and a member of Earth’s Avengers. Not only would Bruce realize what was at stake, but he also intended to offer him the same option Thor did: live or die while rescuing his people.

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