Henry Cavill is undoubtedly one of the best actors in Hollywood right now. In his career spanning more than two decades, the actor has starred in numerous great movies; the most iconic of these has to be his portrayal of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel which continues to be one of the best adaptations of the superhero movie in the DC Universe.

Henry Cavill has played many iconic roles including one of the popular detectives Sherlock Holmes. However, early in his career, he lost out on the role of another spy, James Bond. Recently, the director of the movie revealed why they chose Daniel Craig over Cavill.

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

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Henry Cavill Was Not Old Enough to Portray James Bond

James Bond happens to be the dream role for numerous actors. This makes it even more difficult for casting directors and others involved in the production of such major movies and requires them to be very careful about whom they choose for the role as the casting plays a major role in the success or failure of the movie.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman

After Pierce Brosnan stepped down as 007 after fulfilling his four-movie deal with the 2002 movie Die Another Day. In October 2005, it was officially announced that Daniel Craig would be the sixth actor to portray James Bond. Out of the many actors who had auditioned for the role apart from Daniel Craig, only Henry Cavill seemed to be serious about it.

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Despite his dedication, the Mission: Impossible- Fallout star was not given the role because he was “ironically too young” to be Bond. In an interview with The Daily Express, director Martin Campbell said:

“He looked great in the audition. His acting was tremendous. And look, if Craig didn’t exist Henry would have made an excellent Bond. He looked terrific, he was in great physical shape, very handsome, very chiseled. He just looked a little young at that time back then.”

At the time, Cavill was only 23 and did not have an impressive portfolio like he has now given he had only appeared in movies like Midsomer Murders and The Count of Monte Cristo at the time.

Henry Cavill Gave a Different Reasoning on Why He Didn’t Get to Portray 007

Henry Cavill from Mission Impossible Fallout
Henry Cavil in Mission: Impossible- Fallout

Over the years, Henry Cavill has established a name for himself in the industry through roles like Superman in the DC movie Man of Steel, August Walker in Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible- Fallout, Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s hit fantasy drama The Witcher, and Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes film series.

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In 2009, while talking to Men’s Health, Henry Cavill revealed what he believed to be the reason behind him losing the role of James Bond. He said:

“I probably could have prepared better. I remember the director, Martin Campbell, saying, ‘Looking a little chubby there, Henry.’ I didn’t know how to train or diet. And I’m glad Martin said something because I respond well to truth. It helps me get better.”

For his 007 audition, Cavill was supposed to walk out of the room in a towel so not looking his best might have been part of the reason why he wasn’t cast as Bond. The star took Campbell’s words as guidance instead of feeling attacked. Now that Cavill is not only in his 40s but also in good shape, hopefully, he will be cast as the new James Bond.

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