On one hand, Marvel fans are excited about the inclusion of Pedro Pascal in the superhero franchise, on the other hand, they are disappointed over Joseph Quinn’s casting as Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four. The British actor is best known for his performance in the widely watched Netflix series Stranger Things. According to Marvel fans, Joseph Quinn is not even close to the character of the superhero he would be playing in the upcoming chapter of Fantastic Four. 

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn in Dickensian

According to the announcement post on Instagram, Pedro Pascal would be seen as Reed Richards, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as The Thing, and The Crown fame actor Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm. However, Marvel fans took to social media and reacted to Joseph Quinn’s casting as Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four. 

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Marvel Fans Question The Casting Of Joseph Quinn As Johnny Storm In The Fantastic Four

After months of speculation around the casting of the upcoming installment of Fantastic Four, finally, Pedro Pascal, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Vanessa Kirby, and Joseph Quinn would be seen as Reed Richards, The Thing, Sue Storm, and Johnny Storm respectively. Fans are extremely excited about the casting of The Last Of Us star Pedro Pascal but disappointed over the inclusion of the English actor as Johnny Storm.

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn in Stranger Things

Reputed Hollywood scooper Daniel Richtman reacted on social media with respect to the casting of the Game Of Thrones actor in the upcoming chapter of Fantastic Four. His post on X mentioned-

“My one problem with this cast is Joseph Quinn. Not sold on him as Johnny.”

Another Marvel fan posted on X- 

“Johnny Storm is supposed to be a very attractive man, model-looking, playboy, ladies’ man, and womanizer whom a lot of women constantly droll over. It’s a very important part of his character. Nothing against Joseph Quinn but he doesn’t look the part at all.”

A few fans even pointed out that even Robert Downey Jr. was judged for his past when he was selected to play Iron Man. Now, almost after a decade of playing the character of Iron Man, it is next to impossible to imagine someone else in his shoes. So, it is better not to judge Joseph Quinn over his casting as Johnny Storm

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Marvel Fans Believe Joseph Quinn Has Already Slipped Into The Character Of Johnny Storm

Joseph Quinn’s comment on the announcement post with respect to the casting of The Fantastic Four has caught the attention of Marvel fans. The Stranger Things actor used only one word to describe one of the biggest projects of his career. Fans believe that Joseph Quinn has already slipped into the character of Johnny Storm.

The Mission Impossible actor Vanessa Kirby posted on her Instagram handle and captioned it as-

“Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. From our family to yours. Very honored to take on Sue Storm, Marvel’s OG lady since 1961. I hope to do her justice.”

Joseph Quinn
Joseph Quinn in Game Of Thrones

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Joseph Quinn commented Fantastic in the comment section. The one-lettered comment by Quinn did not go unnoticed by Marvel fans and they reacted on social media. A post on X mentioned-

“Honestly seems pretty in character I mean Johnny being super laid back and shit lol.”

Johnny Storm is known for his laid-back attitude and is one of the most iconic characters in the superhero franchise. Captain America star Chris Evans has played the role of Johnny Storm aka Human Torch in the 2005 released Fantastic Four and its sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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