Marvel Studios’ first animated show, What If…? has done wonders for the MCU and delighted the fans. It was one of the first shows that were streamed on Disney+. The series had incredible and special stories guided by the cosmic being, The Watcher. Fans were able to witness the stories of Captain Carter becoming Captain America, Infinity Ultron, and plenty more that fans could never think of.

Why What If ? Dr. Strange’s episode is the best?

Dr Strange in What If
Dr Strange fighting Supreme Strange in What If

During an interview with Variety, What If….? composer Laura Karpman discussed Marvel Studios’ What If…?. She explained what made the Doctor Strange-centric episode so special and made it a prime contender for Emmys 2022. She said, “That particular episode is the most personal, poignant. These things exist in the MCU, but we find a different angle, a different way to tell the story.” 

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The magic behind the music of MCU movies/ series

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige

Laura Karpman has composed and used many of the original characters’ themes from the films and series. She believes that films/ series are ”filtered” through her own harmonic language. While describing about the Dr. Strange episode in What If, she explained Dr. Strange’s pre-mystic-arts surgery career, and attempts to reverse the moment in time in which his girlfriend Christine Palmer survives the car crash that killed her and disabled him. “He uses his powers to undo the mistakes, so it’s a tragic love story. My job was to try and capture what it is to love, and not ever be able to find that love.”

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Dr Strange importance in the MCU

Doctor Strange 2
Doctor Strange 2

Being one of the most popular MCU characters right now, Dr. Strange’s Episode from What If to get into the Emmys contenders is no surprise. Marvel Studios centers its most important characters right now and was truly one of the most personal and focused installments in the series. Reportedly, the second set of episodes should arrive at some point in the approaching year. 

What If….? all episodes of Season 1 are streaming now on Disney+.

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