Most celebrities are known to be hypocrites and Jennifer Lopez is certainly one of them. There is no doubt that she contributes a lot to her social work but at the same time, the star talks about how one should be taking care of the environment by decreasing pollution while she is one who enjoys a lavish lifestyle and traveling in private jets. Recently, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been spotted taking a trip out of town in recent photos. The couple boarded a private jet in Los Angeles, CA with some of their kids. Maintaining her high standards as usual while claiming that she wants to value growing up lower middle class, is she a hypocrite or clueless?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted together
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted together

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The star is living a lavish lifestyle and the couple is currently living at the $60 million home of Mariah Carey‘s ex-fiance James Packer and waiting for their future home. Additionally, Ben Affleck has listed his seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom Pacific Palisades home for approximately $30 million. Now, we don’t think it’s a simple lifestyle as she says.

Why JLo Faces Criticism and is Getting Called as a Hypocrite?

JLo and Ben Affleck
JLo and Ben Affleck

The majority of people especially the Twitter community have been calling her out to be a hypocrite, because the star shows off to be a social worker, contributing her work to save the environment and even paying huge amounts of donations in many campaigns. And yes, nothing is private as we know she is very active on her social media and posts everything including her latest projects and launches.

The star once said, “I have my own high standards for what I want in a partner and how I want to be treated.” This is not the first time she to get slammed by the internet for being a hypocrite, there are a lot of controversies which surrounds this topic including how uncomfortable her co-stars feel to work with her because of her diva attitude.

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Jennifer Lopez Claims to ‘Save’ Our World’s Oceans While Travelling in a Private Jet

Jennifer Lopez contributes in enviourmental projects
Jennifer Lopez contributes to environmental projects

We know that JLo is a crazy workaholic and how much she enjoys working- from music to fashion. With a net worth of $400 million, and building her eco sportswear line, the singer has been working on more projects. The star collaborated with Niyama Sol, and started producing garments and beach wears made from recycled bottles. But, still, due to her high standards, she never steps back to show off or to promote her work.

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The star also contributed her work on a bilingual website which is based on raising awareness about Mexican femicide and also made a large donation to Children’s Health Fund’s Operation Assist after the disastrous Hurricane known as Katrina, and even promoted her work and encouraged others to help. Jennifer Lopez is currently known for her contribution to the world of sustainability, but she is certainly an icon when it comes to fashion.

Is Jennifer Lopez a Hypocrite?

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez - Private Plane
Jlo, Ben Affleck board a private plane in Los Angeles

The music icon was recently spotted with her husband Ben affleck in chic clothing as they prepared to board a fuel guzzling private plane. While governments all over the world are imposing restrictions on common folks for protecting the environment, Jennifer Lopez’s virtue signalling falls flat when she is herself using private planes rather than commercial ones to get around. The hypocrisy is bursting at the seams.

The star is clearly an advocate for eating sustainably sourced food, and she’s a role model for many people out there. Jlo wants to protect the environment at all costs but somehow she only wants to do it at her own convenience. Is she what she claims to be? Traveling in a private jet and claiming to lead a simple lifestyle certainly doesn’t match her answer.

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