Gotham fans cheer the arrival of Batman

Last Thursday night, we saw Gotham buffs on one side of this aisle cheering in their seats the minute they saw Batman following five decades of buildup. But on the contrary, discontent was expressed by some people from the majority of the episode from the Dark Knight’s absence. As he worked out of the shadows granted he was seen by us in shape, total frontal was required, but it is clear. Although we presumed his mysteriousness was maintained for great reason, we would have wanted to see more of the Caped Crusader.  

Quote by Executive Producer

Batman was finally revealed at the end of Gotham's finale,
Batman was finally revealed at the end of Gotham’s finale.

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“From very early going we understood the series could end with Gordon appearing and seeing Batman preceding him. We had been telling the story, and without whom Batman wouldn’t have existed it through the eyes of Jim Gordon, and we had been telling. Therefore it sensed narratively right the show could end with Jim appearing and seeing Batman.”

-John Stephens

Batman’s arrival was unique.

Batman's cosplay
Batman’s cosplay

In a sense, this is similar to Smallville finished with Clark Kent opening his shirt up. When you consider it, Batman standing atop a roof and overlooking Gotham City is pretty far his equal. The overall look of the costume has been more divisive. There’ve been much better cosplays, but the suit did the task of perfection. If funding was an issue, however, then perhaps Gotham’s manufacturers should have asked Warner Bros. for a formerly existing costume.

Here is the trailer of Gotham Series Finale:

Source: TVline, Wegotthiscovered

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