Even though it takes various good deeds to build a good reputation in the public eye, it only takes one misstep, or in this case a slap to someone else’s face, to make the reputation come crashing down. The Bad Boys actor Will Smith spent years cultivating a certain image in the media and fans’ eyes, but the Oscars ceremony of 2022 changed everything.

After host Chris Rock commented on Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor could not restrain himself and lost his temper. He stepped onto the stage and slapped Rock on national television. Smith’s reputation since then has not been the same.

Will Smith’s Attempt to Consolidate his Fandom

Men in Black
Will Smith in Men in Black

The Coachella fever has overtaken the entertainment awards and Oscars buzz. As music lovers adorn intricate outfits and get ready to sing along to their favorite songs, the Coachella Fest gears up to welcome fans with open arms. The headliners for this year’s art and music festival include Lana Del Rey, Tyler the Creator, and Doja Cat among other big names.

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But one artist popped up at last weekend’s performance and surprised fans with his suave and charm. Will Smith, dressed in a black suit and sunglasses, joined J. Balvin’s performance and gave an ode to his 1997 blockbuster movie Men in Black. The rapper-actor sang the iconic song from the movie and delighted attendees of the festival. Smith portrayed the role of an investigative agent of a secret organization in the movie, so the backup dancers at Coachella were dressed in alien suits and quirky costumes, transporting the attendees into the aura of the movie.

Will Smith In Fan Favorite Franchise Film 'MIB' 
Actor Will Smith in Men In Black franchise

It appeared as if Smith was doing everything in his power to get back in the good graces of his fandom. The actor has been relatively silent and missing from the public eye for the past 2 years since the incident. Back with a bang, the actor is pulling all the stops as he fully emulates the iconic role that he played in three movies of the Men in Black universe, complete with the device to erase people’s memories. Smith apologized to Rock after the incident and expressed his regret over his anger. The Smiths were going through a tough time back then and Rock’s comment hit a sore spot.

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More Surprises at Coachella 2024

Kesha in TikTok video
Kesha in TikTok music video

Another surprise at the Coachella fest this weekend was the collaborative performance by Kesha and Renee Rapp. The duo set the stage on fire with Kesha’s superhit song TikTok. However, the surprise came when the singer reportedly replaced the song’s lyrics to name-drop Diddy, the rapper who is facing sexual assault and abuse allegations.

Fans were worried that they misheard the singer, but Kesha made her stand loud and clear as she posted the lyric on her X account. Coachella attendees are not new to surprises as most artists try to keep some spark alive in their performances with stunning collaborations. The next weekend at Coachella is going to be even bigger but we have to wait for the lineup to be announced soon.

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