Will Smith might have been in news the past year for all the wrong reasons, but what no one can take away from him is his sheer talent and dedication towards the profession. He did in fact win an Oscar for best actor the day he slapped Chris Rock. And that was indeed quite a performance. His first film venture after the infamous slapgate row is also an important project. Emancipation is a film about a runaway slave during the Civil War period who got famous in history as ‘Whipped Peter’. And to portray Whipped Peter, the 54-year-old had to really bulk up, and he left no stone unturned to achieve that.

Will Smith setting fitness goals

A jacked Will Smith
A jacked Will Smith

Will Smith followed quite a rigid workout schedule and diet to achieve the physique required for his role in Emancipation. For the gains, the Pursuit of Happyness star had to consume no less than 3500 calories a day and that is indeed a gigantic task. To meet the required fulfillment, The Fresh Prince consumed five meals a day and made absolutely sure that all of these meals were rich in protein intake.

He broke his fast with a nice breakfast of eggs and oatmeal, eggs being a decent source of protein. But the Bad Boys star topped it off with a protein shake as well. All in all, this does sounds like a pretty fulfilling and satisfying breakfast, especially for someone following a rigorous workout routine.

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Will Smith’s hefty protein-rich meal and rigorous workout routine

Will Smith eats 5 meals a day to fulfill his 3500 calories goal
Loading up on those calories

The Aladdin actor’s lunch was again a protein and fiber-rich meal – grilled chicken breast with broccoli, again upping his protein intake. And his dinner was beef and sweet potato, which is a nice protein and carb-loaded meal.

The first takeaway? That’s a lot of protein but it matches Smith’s hefty exercise routine as well.

Will Smith follows a rigorous exercise routine
Will Smith follows a rigorous exercise routine

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The Men in Black actor made sure to run every day in addition to strength training, that is weightlifting five days a week. He also makes sure to train two body parts per workout.

The Focus actor also dedicated each day of the week to different body parts. Where Monday was focused on Chest exercises, Tuesday was about the shoulders, Wednesday for back, Thursday for arms, Friday for legs, and a nice long weekend to relax. Or else, who knows – he might’ve pulled a muscle.

Imagine getting slapped by a ripped Will Smith…

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