Hidden Strike is an action-comedy film starring Jackie Chan and John Cena about two elite warriors with opposing agendas working together to take down an evil oil baron and liberate the people from his oppression. The film, which is currently available on Netflix, has become one of the platform’s most popular.

However, the most-watched Netflix film barely made it when it was released in theaters in some parts of the world in early July and earned terrible reviews from reviewers. Following the reviews and responses, the producers decided to take a fresh approach and release the film on Netflix over the weekend, but there is a surprise catch.

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Hidden Strike
Hidden Strike

Hidden Strike ranks at the top spot on Netflix in 73 countries

According to reports, Jackie Chan and John Cena starring in Chinese action-comedy Hidden Strike is currently ruling the number one spot on streaming giant, Netflix, as it has become one of the most watched movies on the platform since its release.

Jackie Chan plays the character of Luo Feng; a former Chinese Special Ops agent who has since retired and gone into business in the private security sector, where John Cena plays  Chris Tucker, a former American Marine, and the two of them team up to rescue the workers and stop the criminals.

Hidden Strike
Jackie Chan plays Lou Feng in Hidden Strike

The movie was reportedly filmed back in 2018 and was released in some theatres in theatres on July 6, 2023, and July 7, 2023, this year, but the negative reviews from critics forced the makers to evaluate if they wished to release the movie across the world in theatres. They eventually decided to ditch a theatrical release and went ahead with an OTT release and in no time the movie reached the number one spot among the top 10 movies in 73 countries.

However, the Tomotometer of the movie debuted at 0% but has reached 22% with 57% from the audience score, which is surprising, keeping in mind that the movie is one of the most watched movies online.  Directed by Scott Waugh and written by Arash Amel, Hidden Strike was filmed in Iraq and a viewer on Rotten Tomatoes wrote, “This is an extremely stupid and uninteresting movie.” 

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Everything we know about Hidden Strike 2

Since the movie is known as one of the most watched movies on Netflix, fans have been curious about its sequel, wondering if the movie’s Tomotometer would affect the decision of the makers to give it a green signal for part two.

Hidden Strike
A still from Hidden Strike featuring Jackie Chan and John Cena

If rumors are to be considered, then the success and popularity of the movie on Netflix can be a sign for the producers to develop a sequel. The ending of the movie leaves the audience wondering if the makers had planned to make a sequel beforehand, as it ends with Lou (Chan) asking Chris (Cena) if he’d like to team up again, to which the latter replies with a positive answer.

Reviewers have suggested that if a sequel is made, they would like to see the backstory of the characters, especially Lou’s while working as a special operative and Chris’ role as an ex-Marine. It has been said that the plot of the movie matters less than the chemistry Chan and Cena share, which could turn out to be fruitful for the producers if a sequel is made.

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What problems could arise with the sequel of Hidden Strike?

Considering all the factors, the movie was originally filmed in 2018 and, since then, a lot of things have changed, including the priority of the actors after the success of The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, John Cena had a packed schedule, which makes it very difficult to say if he’d be on board with it.

Talking about legendary action master Jackie Chan, he has not been committed to a Hollywood movie for a while now, which yet again becomes a challenge. According to reports, if the film manages to record an impressive viewership online, the streaming giant could consider buying the movie and turning it into an original to develop the sequel.


Hidden Strike
Jackie Chan and John Cena in ‘Hidden Strike’


As of now, there has been no update from the streaming giant or the producers of the movie, but fans have made it one of the most-watched movies on Netflix with 37.8 million hours watched in its first three days.

Hidden Strike is streaming on Netflix.

Source: CinemaBlend

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